Tuesday, September 26, 2017

My Favorite Yarn Subscription

I am not embarrassed to tell you that I have subscribed to five different yarn box subscriptions in the last couple years.  I won't list them all here.  They had their pros and cons.  But I have returned to my favorite of all.  It's the only subscription I have right now.  It's Ficstitches.  I love it because there's always a special little handmade item, the yarn is always small-batch handdyed gorgeousness, and there's a unique book written just for the subscription!

This sweet quarterly subscription always comes in a simple muslin project bag.  It is packaged so beautifully wrapped in turquoise tissue.

This month there is a lovely handmade copper shawl spiral. Every month there is a unique crochet pattern designed for the subscription.

And the yarn.  Oh the yarn.  It's always lovely.  It's lovely in color as well as feel.

I highly recommend a Ficstitches subscription.  They now have a recurring/ongoing subscription, which I love.  I am guaranteed to get my quarterly delivery of yarny goodness without delay.  Yay!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I Hate Blocking

I'm sure I've said this to you before. I hate to block. I hate it so much I would consider only knitting socks and crocheting afghans so I never have to block again. And then I block a beautiful shawl. And my hatred is diminished.

I actually finished this crocheted piece in May when we were at the beach. I brought it home and shoved it in a bag, knowing it needed to be blocked one of these days. Well, the day has come. On Friday evening my neice is getting married. I have a lovely deep purple dress. I needed a shawl.

So, of course I remembered this one made of Louisa Harding Pittura. And, of course, I couldn't find it. It took a few days of searching, but I found it in a box I had packed while getting the house ready to sell. And tonight was the night. I pulled out the blocking pins and mats and spent an hour crouched over the guest bed.

It is a beautiful shawl. I love how it looks when it's  finished. But I still hate blocking.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Today my stitch markers arrived from the stitch marker swap I told you about here.  And what I have learned is that I need to step up my stitch marker game!! What I received in today's package was art!  But don't worry.  I have some ideas about the next swap.  And, oh yes, there will be a next swap!

The girl who organized the swap sent hers on a large ring.  After I took pictures and tagged the makers on Instagram, I put all my markers on the ring. 

She made a macaroon progress keeper and a little glitter filled glass ball.

Here we have a sweet little bird; a sea turtle, two beaded stitch markers, and a celtic bead and a natural stone.

The pink card has these really neat beads.  Then there's the pumpkin and candy corn.  There are two little fishes, and another unusual bead that came alongside a jingle bell!
On the black card is a windmill.  There is a 70's retro roller skate and cassette tape.  Two other beautiful beaded markers, and a Christmas ball and Christmas bulb round out the collection in this picture.
I think my favorite three are in this picture.  The white card came with a pretty beaded marker, a DINOSAUR, and a DONUT!!  Below, is one made from a sliver of cork...so cool, and another beaded marker.  All the beaded markers are unique, which is cool.
Finally, these lovely stragglers didn't come with tags.  You have an owl, a rose, a bead, a Christmas tree and a ball of yarn.

And those are the markers I received.  I probably have enough WIPs to use them all right now. I won't, but I could.  For now, I'm just going to sit and look at them on my ring full of stitch markers.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Because Cups Need to Feel Cozy Too!!

When I finished the wrap I mentioned in this post I had enough of my Caron Cotton Cake left over to make this adorable cup cozy.  If you're interested, the pattern is here.

I'll tell you a secret, I hate finishing.  I hate to sew in ends.  I sometimes skip extra little stitches and slip stitches because I am just done with a project.  But on this one, there is a row of single crochet around the edge of the entire project.  THEN there's a slip stitch row around the top of all those single crochets.  And it's the finishing that makes this cup cozy look really great.  It looks, for lack of a better word, finished.

But of course, I also had to have just the right button.  I found this button when I was rooting through the button table at the Fabric Center I told you about here.  I think it's just perfect for this project.  The button is functional.  There is a button hole on that little tab there.  So the cozy lays flat if you want that.

And there you have it.  If you are on my Christmas list, don't look too hard, you may be getting one of these.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Places You Can Knit...Jazz Fest

This weekend my family and I got to spend a little time at the Dauphin County Wine and Jazz Festival.  We had gorgeous weather.  It even got a little chilly when the sun went down.  There was great food.  One of our favorite food trucks was there and I had my favorite soulrito.

We listed to some really good music.  There was a group on the side stage called Teen Town.  It was three young men who were as good as any of the adults.  The boy on the bass for teen town was a very talented young man.  But all of the music was really great.  The large tent was full of music lovers.  It had cool lighting.  We had a little picnic.  And, yes, there was wine.  I don't drink wine because I have Rosacea and wine is a trigger.  So I avoid it and I feel better.

And, of course, I had my knitting.  I could have sat there and listened to jazz and worked on my sock all night.  It was such a pleasant atmosphere.  Everyone there was happy.  (I guess the wine didn't hurt the festive mood.)  It was a good time.

ACTually Knitting started a hashtag on Instagram: placesyoucanknit.  So, this was my #placesyoucanknit this weekend at the Jazz and Wine Festival.  Where have you taken your crafting lately?

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Custom Made Hunting Socks

So the Big Dog is going to Minnesota to hunt in November with his dad.  It's cold in Minnesota.  It's cold in Minnesota in July.  And he's going in November!  He was talking about the trip and asked if I would make him some booties out of polar fleece. He's concerned about his feet getting cold.  But I didn't think polar fleece was a good idea. When you wear a synthetic material it doesn't breathe.  You don't want something that doesn't breathe on your feet.  You perspire and then the air catches the perspiration and you get cold

What you want in the cold is a natural material like wool or alpaca.  It will hold in the heat but also allow your feet to breathe

So, after we had this conversation about feet, socks, and natural versus synthetics, he asked if I would make him a pair of socks for his trip.  I said I would do him one-better.  I will make him TWO pairs of socks for his trip.  I went downstairs to the rubbermaid tubs and found the Paton's wool that I bought years ago to knit a sock monkey toy.  This is perfect hunting sock wool.

It took a couple tries to get the toe just right and I had to re-knit the heel three times before we got a good fit, but tonight I finished sock one of four.

I still need to sew in the ends, but it's a great fit.

The plan is he will wear a pair during the day and then in the evening wash them in cold water in the sink.  Then while he's wearing the second pair, the first pair will be drying in the hotel bathroom.  Now that I know the formula I want to use to fit his feet, the next three should fly off the needles.  Working with worsted weight yarn and size six needles makes the sock go very quickly.  I picked up a 9-inch circular tonight and that will make the knitting go even faster.  

Custom made hunting socks anyone??