Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Night on My Own

Tonight was a pamper-night.  Do you ever get one of those?  It doesn't happen often, and, actually, I'm glad it doesn't.  If I had a night off, like tonight, more than every few weeks or once a month, I would be a spoiled-unappreciative little girl.


On Tuesdays, my darling, Todd, shoots in an archery league.  Every week the boys beg Daddy to "go along."  Since it's a little past their bed time, they haven't been allowed to go to the archery range more than once this Winter.  Tonight, though, Daddy announced that as long as all "homework" was completed and the guinea pig cage was cleaned, the boys could ride along with Daddy.  I'm convinced that the main reason they like to go is because it gets them home much past their bedtime.  But time alone with Daddy doesn't hurt.


And what did I do as soon as they exited the driveway?  I FILLED THE BATHTUB!  I crawled into a hot bubble-bath with my caffein-free diet-pepsi and The Old Schoolhouse Winter edition.  After a good 30-minute soak, including a facial mask, I hopped out of the tub, and gave myself a lovely pedicure.  When Todd called after about two hours to tell me that he and the boys were headed home, I felt revived and incredibly relaxed.


I hope everyone gets these little jewels of refreshment every now and then.  It's especially nice when your time alone can be in your own home.  I love getting out with girlfriends or the occasional shopping-time by myself, but it's a special treat to be in your house with no respnsibilites for a few precious moments to yourself.


There was a time just a few years ago when I wasn't sure what I would do if I had time to myself, but now, I've got a list!  I realized that I was so consumed with life that I was losing my own interests.  So these little spurts of time have given back to me what I nearly lost.  Now, when I have an evening or afternoon to myself, ideas of how to fill that time flow out of me richly.  There are movies to be watched (give me a romantic comedy any day of the week), books and magazines to read (go TOS), baths to take, crochet and knit patterns to begin, blogs to read (and write), and web sites to explore, and that just names a few things I can do when faced with time on my own.


So, make your list.  Don't lose site of your interests and curiousities.  And send the children off with Daddy, just for an hour or two...