Friday, March 17, 2006

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I used to say that my home was decorated in "early yard sale".  I have a very ecclectic style, which not only shows through in how I decorate, but now it also shows through in our little home school.


If you would enter our little home in the country today, you would see remnants of learning in every room.  Right now as I sit at the living room PC and type to you, there are loops from the pot holder weaving loom in a pile on the floor; some leftover fabric from the masks the boys were making yesterday; legos, legos, and more legos; and stacks of library books on the coffee table, mostly science project books.  In the kitchen, there are clay sculptures waiting to be colored; ASL ABC cards hanging on the wall behind the kitchen table; finished pot holders from the weaving loom and still more of the loops!  In our little-tiny bathroom is a 3 foot long rubber lizard that has been soaking in a 5 gallon bucket (this lizard started off about 6 inches long); and funnels, buckets and cups in the bathtub.  The boys' room is a science project just waiting to explode!  There you will find more legos, two guinea pigs, a rat, and lots and lots of books.


So, Ladies Home Journal it is not.  But it's home and it's a comfortable environment for my guys to learn about whatever their heart desires.  We do have somewhat structured lessons almost daily, but we also have lots of spontaneous learning going on throughout the house.  Sometimes, I don't notice the spontaneous stuff as much because I've already logged the official learning for the day.  Living in PA, I have to keep a log of their lessons.  This can sometimes feel like bondage.  I've got to learn to teach to my boys and not to the portfolio that needs to be turned in at the end of the year.


Maybe someday, my living room will be coordinated and organized with no projects scattered on the end tables...nah... I like it this way much better, legos and all.

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  1. homesweethomeschoolerMay 11, 2006 at 5:58 PM

    Loved these thoughts.

    Was recently in a home where the lady of the house is a great decorator. I came home determined to do some decorating myself! But now I realise I already have a home decorated in home sweet homeschool style. smile