Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Month Wall

A few years ago I picked up a stack of bulletin board decorations at a thrift shop.  I think that they were originally used in a church Sunday school room, because there are lots of church images.  August has a symbol for VBS and many of the other months have cute little country churches in the background.  When I bought these signs, I had no idea how I would use them, but now they are an integral part of our family life.


We have what we call the month wall.  Each month, I put the new sign for the month up in a designated spot in the hallway.  Whenever we do something that month, we put the ticket stubs, pamphlet, or bulletin on the wall below that month's sign.  At the end of the month, everything from the month wall goes into a scrapbook right after the ticket stubs, receipts or bulletins from the previous month.


At the end of the year we have a month-by-month overview of what we did as a family that year.  Our tradition is to sit together on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day and review the activities of the previous year.  We spend time saying, "Remember how fun your cousin's musical was this year?"  "How about that trip to the museum!"  "Oh, I forgot we spent that day in the mountains!"  It's a great way to remember all of the fun we had as a family.


This week when we returned  from our field trip to Easton my nine-year-old reminded me to put the stickers we wore at the Crayola Factory Experience on our "March Wall".  This, I'm sure, is a family tradition that he will pass to his children.

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