Monday, April 17, 2006

The 10 Commandments

For the past month, my oldest son has had a one-track mind.  This track involved the movie, "The 10 Commandments."  One Sunday afternoon while watching TV with his Dad, he saw a preview of this upcoming movie and he decided that he MUST see this show!  His younger brother wanted to watch too, although I think he was more passionate about the idea of staying up two hours past his bed-time two nights in a row than he was passionate about the movie.  His brother was a driven man, though.  He was on a mission to see this program.


So, there we were, all four of us in front of our television on Palm Sunday, watching the re-made "Ten Commandments", but with one difference than many of the families all over the US.  We watched this movie with my bible open.


During the commercial breaks, we would read the story out of Exodus.  It was so much fun!  My oldest would say, "Mommy, during the commercial, read that part!"  It was so much fun!  Did I mention that?  We sat in the living room, my husband and two sons, and I and watched this movie reliving one of our favorite bible stories.  We talked about how Moses felt when he came off the mountain after receiving the 10 Commandments the first time.  The actor came off the mountain with such excitement in his face and then he saw his people, and his brother, bowing to a hand-made golden calf.  I felt so grieved for Moses.  He came down from the mountain with guidance for the people he loved so much.  This was guidance that they had wanted and needed and for which they whined!  But what did they do as soon as he left?  Find something else to worship!!!  Arghhh!!  It is no wonder to me why Moses smashed the tablets.  His heart was already crused into as many pieces as those tablets after being dashed on the rocks.


Although there were some inaccuracies, this movie brought the Exodus to life for my little guys.  Reading it with my bible in our laps made the inaccuracies very inconsequential.  We were proving it against scripture as we were watching.  And now the emotions of what happened during the very first Passover are very real to all of us.


A week or two before our movie session, we had the opportunity through our Homeschool Co-op to participate in a Christian Passover meal.  For me, this was so important and moving.  It really set a nice tone for me for the Easter season.  But my boys are young and I'm not sure the meal and readings impacted them as much as it impacted me.


But after watching the movie "The Ten Commandments" Passover and Easter were all that more special.  I was so glad we watched it, but I was especially glad we watched it with my bible in our lap.

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