Thursday, April 27, 2006

Geography on your fist

Recently one of the thread's in the lapbooking Yahoo Group was about geography.  Many people were writing about different geography features to teach our children and how best to do that.  This was when I remembered a trick my husband used to teach our boys different geographical features.  Todd said that this is how he learned these features in the military.  So, hopefully, I can pass them on and make them understandable.


Make a fist with your palm facing downward and your thumb around the outside of your fingers.  Across the top of your fist, where your knuckles are located is a ridge.  The knuckles themselves are mountains.  The depressions between the knuckes on the top of your hand are saddles.  The fingers are spurs and the indentions between the fingers are valleys.


Now, turn your fist so that the thumb and forefinger are pointing upward, but still clenched.  The hole made by your curled pointer finger is a depression.


When you look at your clenched fist you can see all of these geographical terms in a really clear manner.  It's a great "hands-on" teaching tool! 

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  1. Great tool! Thanks for sharing this. :-)