Saturday, April 1, 2006

Hunter's Birthday

Today, April 1, 2006 is my nephew's 20th birthday.  He was my very first nephew.  I was a freshman in college when he was born.  Hunter made me an aunt.  He also gave me my name.


At birth, I was named Lori Lynn.  My family, and most close friends called me Lori Lynn until Hunter started speaking.  He was beginning to speak and I wanted him to be able to make the 'L' sound.  So, I would sit with him on my lap facing me and say, "lu, lu, lu, lu, lu"  while he watched my mouth.  Eventually he began pointing to me and saying Lu Lu.  I was suddenly and forevermore, Aunt Lu.


Being Aunt Lu has always been my highest honor.  I love my neices and nephews so much.  When Hunter and his sister Rachael were small, I was a single-working girl.  I basically had no life outside of my career, but I had Hunter and Rachael. I spent nearly every weekend of their first two years with them.  I am so proud of who they are as adults.  Hunter is a sophomore at Elizabethtown College.

He plays the guitar so beautifully it makes me want to cry.  He also plays the drums with skill.  His sister Rachael is a highschool senior at Elizabethtown Highschool.

She has raised a service dog for Susquehanna Service Dogs.  Monroe, her puppy,  will graduate this spring and go aid a handicapped person.  Rachael is headed to Findlay University as part of their pre-vetrinarian program.

Rachael has a voice like an angel.  She's performed in the High School musicals and is one of the classiest girls I know.


SO, this afternoon, I made Hunter's birthday presents.  I made two bags of white chocolate popcorn, and my artichoke dip, which he loves.  And I've just finished his birthday card and envelope.  For the envelope, I used a template from Mirkwood designs.  Interlocking envelope:


His card is a Robert Sabuda pop-up.  I just printed and followed the directions.  It turned out really cool!  I did the crab.  Check out his other card ideas here:


Tomorrow is the party.  But today I am celebrating.  I'm grateful to be an Aunt.  It taught me so much about being a Mommy.  It's especially easy, though to be an aunt to such fine neices and nephews as mine.

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  1. HomeEducatingMooreWaysMay 17, 2006 at 3:38 AM

    I can so relate to your joy of Aunthood. Joshua Aaron, aka Joshi, made me an aunt 22 years ago. I became Aunt Jannie (Janice). I agree, it is an honor to be an Aunt. My friends were Aunts rather young- while in high school. Their nieces and nephews called them by their first name- no "Aunt." I made sure I got my honorary title of Aunt. I didn't people to think I was "just some woman" they knew but I was an AUNTIE.

    My (only sibling) sister (Joshi, Brad and Heather's mom) died two years ago at the age of 42. These precious "kids" (22, 21, and 19) are my "little piece of Marilyn" that I have left. Joshi just came this weekend to spend Mother's Day with my mom and I. It was awesome. Joshi and Brad are both in the military and so we don't get to see them as much as would like. In fact, Brad is in Iraq now.

    Oh- I wanted to share my son's special "Aunt name" for my sister Marilyn. He couldn't say Marilyn when he was little and he called her Aunt Mimi. Now this is significant since Marilyn and I had a dog named Mimi when we were little. :0)

    Happy Birthday Hunter !! I am sure he loved his special gifts. You are an awesome Aunt.

    Fellow Aunt,