Thursday, April 20, 2006

Middle Ages Affirmation

I asked the boys what they would like to study next year.  They chose Middle Ages so that they could be knights and Astronomy for their science study.


So, I've had lots of fun rummaging through my used book collection to find resources.  BUT, here's the really cool thing.  I was web surfing and found this cool web store homeschoolestore that offers freebies.  Guess what the freebie is right now?  Maps of the Middle Ages!!  Click on the link in my link list to check them out!


THEN today, I got the ezine from Learning Through History magazine.  Guess what was the subject of the mini-unit study?  Yep, The Middle Ages.


Don't you just LOVE affirmation?  I know God is in the middle of next school year already!  Yippee!

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