Monday, April 17, 2006

Printing Henty

Well, in the Fall I'll be taking on a new co-op class!  I'll be teaching a Jr. High literature class.  This is a new age group and subject for me, but I'm excited. I have to admit that I agonized over the book to select.  I'm taking one book and the students and I will be reading it over a 12-week period.  We'll meet 6 times to discuss the books and complete other projects.  I wanted to read something classic, not modern, but also not stuffy.


After prayer, and lots and lots of discussion I settled on something by G.A. Henty, but what?  I'd never read any Henty, but my husband LOVES them.  I went through a few of the books he's collected, but was not sure what to pick.  Then I visited the library and settled on the thinnest book, so that I wouldn't have to assign hundrds of pages of reading between our meetings.


The book I've selected is "The Dragon and the Raven."  Since our local bookstores are not brimming with titles by Henty, I went on-line to see what I could find. I was surprised and excited to see that there is a resource, The Gutenberg Project, that publishes classic e-books and the do it for free! guessed it, they had The Dragon and the Raven by G.A. Henty.  After retrieving the text version of this book, I realized that it would be over 140 pages to print!  Eeek!!


Then I learned about Fine Print.  I downloaded the free version of this terrific software and used it to print my book.  At first, I tried to print four of the pages of the book onto one 8 1/2x11 sheet of paper.  These almost 39 year-old eyes just can't read print THAT small!  So I printed two pages onto one 8 1/2x11 sheet and the total book was a little over 70 pages.


I printed a cardstock cover using Microsoft Publisher and I was off to the Office store to have it bound.  A few dollars later, I had a beautifully spiral bound book that will be very useful for teaching.  I will be able to flip the binding open easily and lay it flat.  I could decide the margins, so that I would have space for notes.  I can underline words to use for vocabulary, because it was printed at my own printer.  If I mess it up too badly...I'll just print another.


Stay posted for the projects and activities to which the Lord leads me surrounding this book.  It will be an adventure!

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