Friday, April 28, 2006

The quietest time of the day

I'm typing this during the most quiet time of my day.  After the children are asleep, you say?  NOPE.  It's about 10 AM (or today, 11:15 AM) and it lasts for about 15 minutes each day.


Have you exhausted all of your guesses?  I'll tell you what it is.  The most quiet time in our day is when both my boys are having their quiet time.  After breakfast, the boys head off to their room to read their devotional bibles and write three things for which they are thankful in their Gratitude Journals.  During this time, there is no noise in the house.  There is no television, radio, or CD.  There is no talking, barking, or yelling.  There is just peaceful silence.  It is the most quiet this busy little house ever hears.  And I love it.


Afterward the boys usually run to me to tell me what they wrote and read.  It's a nice ending to 15 minutes of peace.  Then it's off to chore-time.  Most of the boys chores center around all of the pets and caring for them.  We've added some fun to chore time recently.  The boys took a class in cup-stacking at co-op this Spring.  Now, when we do chores the boys complete a cup-stacking cycle in between each chore.  It makes the chores more challenging and fun for the boys.  If you'd like to see just what cup-stacking is all about, click here:


This is NOT the most quiet time of our day.  When chores and cup-stacking are being completed there is lots of noise, chatter, and the sounds of plastic cups hitting the table.  But it's fun.  It's good hand-eye coordination.  And it's a lesson in responsibility.  The pets, and the on-going movement of our home requires the boys to be dilligent to their chores.  Adding cup-stacking just makes it more fun.


Be sure to include a quiet time in your child's day.  My boys are 7 and 9 and have been doing devotions on their own for more than two years.  The materials we use are appropriate for their ages.  They both have Kid's Devotional Bibles.

For their gratitude journal, we use a book called 1,400 Things for Kids to be Happy About.  When those books are full of gratitude, we'll just switch to lined notebooks.  But until then, the "1,400" books are so colorful and give the boys ideas of different areas to examine to look for gratitude.  Using them is a great guide for their gratitude journals and a wonderful place for a child to start if you're going to begin a journal with your child.


I hope you find the most quiet time in your day.  Until I started this BLOG entry, I didn't recognize the peace that those 15 minutes bring to our home.  I'm glad, through bloggin, that I see it clearly now.

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