Tuesday, May 23, 2006


We were just finishing breakfast today when it happened.  We heard the slight rumble first.  I turned in my chair and said, "They're here!"  Suddenly there was screaming and squealing!  The excavation man was driving a large Caterpillar backhoe down our driveway and into the yard.  My two little boys who are 7 and 9 were beside themselves.  They were hugging and jumping up and down and cheering.  It was a very intense moment for them.


A few minutes later, the man walked back down the driveway and drove a smaller front loader toward the house.  With this he began pushing all the stones into a great big pile in the driveway.  My guys were smashed against the back door peering at this beast as it moved piles of stone.


Then came the costumes.  I'm not sure what provoked it, but the boys felt the need to dress as soldiers.  They dug into their dress-up supply and came out with their rifles, camoflauge and helmets.  I looked into our little 4 foot by 4 foot mudroom and saw they had positioned one of the kitchen chairs at the door.  They were set for the day.


What is it about boys and large vehicles?  Especially large vehicles with buckets and shovels on them?  This little adventure in landscaping has brought such joy to two little seven and nine-year-old hearts.  I am bursting with joy myself!


Of course, those piles of stone and dirt in the yard are magnetic.  McLane is just DYING to get on top of the largest stone pile.  I can see that it is very very difficult to resist this temptation.  Maybe we'll have a little Phys. Ed. session later playing king of the hill.


I called my husband and said, "I think formal learning may be done for the day!"  There's no way to get them back at the table when such adventure is happening in the yard.  And there's the bottom line for guys, it's adventure.  They love it.  They crave it.  They need it.  Whether it's playing on a softball team, like Daddy does, so that they can have the adventure of competition.  Or it might be hiking in an unknown path, where there could be adventure at every turn.  They need it.  I don't understand it, when I just need some quiet in my day, or some thread with which to crochet.  I don't need adventure.  But they do.  These little balls of manhood with which God has entrusted me need adventure.  If I don't allow them to have it, they will find it elsewhere.  I want them to find it here, where there is safety and security on which to fall.  I want them to be able to come home from their adventures and tell their Dad and me all about it.  And even though I don't love or crave it, I want to be part of some of their adventures.  I don't want to miss a single one, whether it's just in the telling, or if I actually have to take part.  I want to experience their adventures with them and always be able to measure them against what God's plan for their life, and His plan for their spiritual growth is.


He has set adventure in the hearts of my little men.  I am grateful for it, even if I don't understand it.  I know it all has to do with the plans He's made for their fantastic lives.  Now there's a real adventure, watching my little guys grow up and fulfill all that God has planned for them.

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  1. I can SO identify with you and the boys that crave adventure. Your response of school's done for the day was priceless. I think it takes a knowing Mom to realize when she's lost the battle. :-)

    Thank you for the blog. I've been reading it throughout the day and it's great. Keep blogging along!!!