Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

What a busy weekend we just finished!  We had so many events and activities over this Memorial Day weekend that as I reflect, it really represented a lifestyle of learning.  That's what I want for our little family.  I want the children, and Daddy and I, to be constantly learning and not even know it.  It's my heart's desire for us to be bonded together in learning and worshipping and serving.  Today, the Lord showed me that that is just what occurred this weekend.


On Saturday, we went "Yard Saling."  This is a favorite activity at the Lydell house during the Summer months.  We all jump into the car with water bottles loaded and tour Perry County, PA looking for people who have displayed the treasures for sale on their front lawns.  In some areas of the country these are called Tag Sales, but here in PA we call them Yard Sales.


This time we approached our Yard Saling with the boys a little differently.  We gave them each $5 and said, when it's spent, you're finished!  They had to budget and really decide if something was important to buy.  Walker T., our youngest, bought many little things with his money.  It was a math lesson at each stop and he would list what he spent and add the total and then subtract that from the $5 he was given originally to get a balance.  McLane, our oldest, waited for just the right purchase and he got a large lego set for $5.  He was thrilled and has been building new lego sets all weekend.  His lesson was in really waiting for something worth purchasing.  He passed by several yard sales before finding exactly what he wanted.


After our adventures in yard saling, we went to the little town of Eshcol, PA for their Memorial Day parade on Saturday afternoon.  The boys marched in the parade, as all children are encouraged to do, and were given a wreath to place on a veteran's grave at one of the two cemetary's that serve as the beginning and end of the parade.  Todd, my loving husband, ate his weight in homemade ham and bean soup and the boys got candy from the firetrucks and ambulances in the parade.  It's a wonderful life lesson for the boys to acknowledge the service of our veteran's in such a way.  I love this parade, it is a truly Norman Rockwell-type bit of Americana.  I feel as though we are stepping back in time to a period in which I wish we really lived.


Saturday night, the youth of our church went bowling.  The boys bowled on the "bumper lanes" and had a terrific time.  I saw bowling as Physical Education and am now wondering if we should fit bowling into our schedule a little more regularly.  Maybe we could find a few homeschool families and bowl during the day on a regular basis!


One other event that affected our weekend is the purchase of a new vehicle.  We learned in the past week that Todd's truck's transmission is on it's last legs.  We are now "car shopping."  We've decided to get a larger vehicle for the family, hopefully a van, and Todd will take the little Mercury Tracer that we've been driving as his work vehicle.  On Sunday, we drove all over two counties to every used car dealer we could find.  We continued our trek on Monday.  The boys learned about mileage, and BIG numbers.  They looked at vehicles with us and compared pros and cons about each potential vehicle.  They learned about reading the car sticker signs and finding the best vehicle for the money we have available.  And they learned patience!  For they had to endure a lot of stopping and walking around the used car lots, plus a lot of driving.


After all the car shopping, we treated the entire family to several hours at the local pool.  The water was a little chilly, but especially refreshing when you spent a little time in the 85 degree sun-shiny day.  The boys swam for two and a half hours.  They only exited the pool long enough to say, "Mommy, watch this!"  They really exercised their seven and nine-year-old bodies.


Last night, after a light supper of chicken salad pitas, everyone was ready for a rest. The boys took a one-hour bath, and watched Sesamee Street in our bed, while munching popcorn.  I can't think of a more relaxing end to a busy, but educational weekend.


I hope your Memorial Day was just as special.  And if you a veteran or current member of our nation's armed services, THANK YOU.

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