Thursday, July 20, 2006

I don't teach Bible anymore

You read the title correctly.  I don't teach Bible anymore.  In my Homeschool Objectives for the school district last year I had a Bible/Character subject and I listed everything we were planning to do and read under that heading.  I kept track of those things and reported them diligently at year's end.


This year, there was no Bible heading in my objectives.  Under the Language Arts section, however, I included the material that we would be studying using Kay Arthur's Inductive Bible Studies for Kids.  I also listed any memory verses they would be learning, right along with the poems they would have as memory work.  As I'm recording the boy's daily lessons, I am listing any bible study work, reading or writing, under the heading of Language Arts.


Bible is not a separate class.  You and I both know that our times of Bible study come at various  times during the day.  Some days, we need to have time in our Bible in the middle of the afternoon.  It is not a segmented part of the day that we take care of and then move on to other subjects.  Bible, prayer, devotion, or quiet times, come at varied times.  We need them ALL the time.  Remember "pray without ceasing?"


So, I decided to stop segregating it to its own subject.  Bible is part of all of our lessons.  We are learning about Astronomy for science this year.  We will learn and copy lots of verses about stars, the moon, and the skies from the bible.  Is that Bible class?  Nope, it's Science.  We are learning about the Middle Ages for History this year.  Part of this will include studying Tyndale and reading his biography.  Bible?  Nope, it's History.  Singing and learning Hymns?  Music, not Bible.


One of my favorite authors is Grace Livingston Hill.  She wrote nearly 100 romances of which Christ was most often the center.  Her books take me to another time and inspire and warm my heart.  Several years ago, I read one of her books in which a family's children were headed down a wrong path.  The father returned to the church and moved his family to the country in an effort to save his children.  Further into this family transformation, he brought the children home to school and utilized the skills of his pastor to educate the children.  The pastor sat with the children the first day and handed them each a bible.  He said, "This will be our textbook for all subjects."


I may not use the bible as my textbook for each subject, but God is teaching me to to incorporate bible into all subjects, not as its own separate subject.  As my homeschooling adventure continues, God continues to shape and correct me.  I love when He speaks!  I just pray I'm quiet enough to hear Him.  That's not always the case.  But this time, when He lead me to make bible a part of every subject, I listened.


I hope you're listening to the ride!

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  1. NotebookingPagesJuly 22, 2006 at 7:43 AM

    For our recording purposes, it's more a matter of how we count the time. So just this week, I decided to begin counting Bible as part of our reading time. As you said though, it really is a part of every subject. So in our records, *Bible* is no longer a subject (which would be counted as an elective in our state), instead it's our resource for every subject!