Monday, July 31, 2006

Still Riding Those Coasters!

It has been over a week since I've written on my blog.  Our Roller Coaster has included Vacation Bible School, my mother's house getting struck by lightening, friends moving, other friends struggling, and just life.  When I would have time to sit down and check email, I wanted to write, but my fatigued and frazzled mind wouldn't allow it.  You know how you grab the bar of the roller-coaster car when you're speeding down an incline or cresting the hill for yet another drop?  Well, my brain was holding the bar and would not allow anything to be dumped out of this roller coaster car.


But this week, I'm able to sit for a few moments and write.  A little over a week ago my family and I spent the day at Hershey Park.  My husband's company graciously invites all of their employees to spend a day at the park for their summer picnic.  With free tickets from my father who's an EMT in first aid at the park, and a picnic lunch provided by Todd's company, we have a lovely day with very little expense.  (I do have to buy a bag of kettle corn on my way out of the park!)  As we toured the park, rode the rides, and enjoyed some family time, I was reminded of the first blog I wrote, and the reason this blog is called Life on the Roller Coaster.  I came home from the park and re-read that first entry:

It seems like I wrote that ages ago, and yet, it's only been a year.  Writing on this blog has helped me to organize my thoughts toward home education.  Writing has prompted me to notice those little times in life that somehow passed by without much recognition before blogging.  Blogging has helped me to enjoy my roller coaster ride a little bit more each day.  It has helped me to see the opportunities for ministry provided to me.  It has helped me to see the education that the boys get every day, even when we aren't completing anything formal!


This blog has given me a space to sort through my thoughts.  I'm blessed to have it and even more blessed that some have chosen to read my mind-dumps.  So, thank you.  Thank you for spending time here.  Thank you for leaving comments.  They all bless me so much!  I haven't figured out how to I just respond here on my blog and hope that you return?  Or do I find you out in blog-land and thank you for your comments or answer your questions.  I don't know!  Please know that I read your comments and am very blessed by each one I receive.  Thank you.


So, as I strap in for the ride this week, I do it thankfully and peacefully.  I don't know how many hills and valleys I will have this week, but I'm safely in the car God has given me.  He has mapped out the path, I just have to faithfully ride.


Enjoy your ride this week!  And write me any time!  Maybe I'll even figure out how to answer!

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