Friday, August 4, 2006

Book Review: Teddy's Button by Lamplighter

I was convicted...yet again. 


Last week, I was able to purchase a tremendous package of e-books from the Erskines who have  I love their radio shows and they offered a packaged through one of the e-groups of which I'm a part at a wonderful price!  I was really excited.  It's going to take me the entire year to pour through these wonderful materials.


One thing I received was an audio by Cindy Rushton on learning using great literature.  I listened to her audio while downloading the rest of the e-books I'd purchased.  The audio was awesome, as are all of those I've heard by Mrs. Rushton.   It really convicted me, however, about how much we are reading.  I realized that in the past year, we have foregone reading together so that we can complete the book work and the worksheets.  I have to tell you, that's NOT me!  This Summer, God has really shown me how I've let our little homeschool drift away from what I see as a true lifestyle of learning.  We haven't been reading together as much.  We haven't been spending time doing those hands-on projects that solidify learning.  That's what I want for our homeschool!  I don't want lots of worksheets and papers and texts!


So after listening to Cindy Rushton's moving seminar, I went in search of a good book and a sofa!  Two years ago I had purchased Teddy's Button from Lamplighter.  I always admired their books and asked them at a curriculum fair for a book suggestion.  The people at the Lamplighter book table recommended Teddy's Button as a good book to start with boys.


We read this book in five days.  The boys were begging for "just one more chapter."  When we were eatting they were chanting, "Teddy's Button", asking me to read.  At one supper table, Daddy was crying as I read.  This book was fantastic!


My boys are nine and eight, and they were entralled by every reading of Teddy's Button.  I highly recommend it as your family's next read!


Even if you don't want to read the book we recommend, read something!  Don't be like me and wait a year and a half before picking up something that your children will love and just reading to them for the pure joy of a book!  I got into a rut where I thought everything I read had to relate to the subject being studied, or be for "school."  But I was missing out on all of those wonderful times of cuddling on the couch, or seeing those wide-eyed faces filled with wonder at what was coming next in the book.  I don't ever want to miss those again!  From this point forward, we will always have a "book going."  How about you? 


Let me know what you're reading that has really "lit up" your children.  I need to develop my book list even further!


So, make sure you're reading on your roller coaster.

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  1. I just got done reading to my crew "A Hive for the Honeybee" by- Soinbhe Lally. It was a WONDERFUL book and I highly recommend it! It is about a bunch of honeybees and how they go about in their life with their differnet jobs. And the queen and drones, and their life cycle. It tells the story through the eyes of the little bees. The characters are wonderful and very funny! I do believe your boys will enjoy the book.