Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Character lessons for your pre-teen/teenage girl: Grace Livingston Hill!

When my oldest son was nursing, I used to go into the church library to nurse during the Sunday morning service.  It was during one of those times that I stumbled onto Grace Livingston Hill.  The church library had four or five of her books and I began to read through them while nursing.  I immediately fell in love.


Grace Livingston Hill's books can be formulaic.  Of the two main characters, one is a man, one a woman; one is rich, the other poor; one knows Jesus as his or her savior, the other is still searching.  From the formula I've just described, you can see the outcome of the romance.


But even with the formula, I have found each of her books to be inspiring and uplifting.  And I realized recently that these books could be great for your young girls in the pre-teen or teenager age range.  Each of Mrs. Hill's books deal with different character issues, and many levels of overcoming.


In my blog, "I Don't Teach Bible Anymore" I mentioned one of her books, but did not name it.  The book is The Prodigal Girl.  This book includes an illustration where the father solicits the local pastor to school his children.  As his main text, the pastor is planning to use the bible.  The Prodigal Girl would be great for a daughter who struggles with rebellion.


With over 100 books to her credit, Grace Livingston Hill's novels cover a wide range of character issues.  I have not read all of her books, but here are some that deal with specific themes:


Matched Pearls:  making a sincere commitment to Christ.


Patricia:  dealing with a difficult person in a Christ-like fashion.


Re-Creations and A Daily Rate:  making the best with what you have.  These books would help a girl struggling with materialism.


The Enchanted Barn: standing by your family regardless of your circumstance.


Job's Neice:  Patience in trials.


Written in the early 1900's, these books are written in a beautiful language.  The girls' dresses and accessories are described in such lovely detail. Scenery and setting are vividly described.  Give Grace Livingston Hill a try!  I get lost in her books every time I pick one up.  I consider it a treasure to find one in a used bookstore, especially in an original hard-back!  Not only will you and your daughter find novels by Grace Livingston Hill to be fun to read, but they will also challenge you in many character areas!

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  1. homesweethomeschoolerAugust 9, 2006 at 8:06 PM

    My mom was a fan and I am sure I have read them all - I've got just about the entire set saved in a bookcase. My absolute favorite one was _The Obsession of Victoria Gracen_. Great story. No male hero, though.... smile