Tuesday, August 1, 2006

One Beauty of Home Education...Knowing You

This week, we have been discussing our vacation plans for NEXT summer.  We spent a lovely week on North Carolina's Ocean Isle Beach this summer.  What do we want to do next year?  We thought if we plan now, we could save a little money each month toward that vacation.


So, we narrowed it down to two trips and gave the boys a choice.  They could choose between Northern Minnesota, or Disney World.  Guess which one they chose?  I'll bet your guess was wrong!  They chose Northern Minnesota.


You see,  Daddy is from Northern Minnesota.  On a very regular basis, he regales our boys with stories of fishing and catching hundreds of fish!  His stories include making ramps on boat docks and riding off those ramps on their bikes RIGHT into the water.  Todd tells them of swimming out to ice chunks in the Spring when the ice was breaking up on the lake-water, and of listening to the loons and the lapping of the water on the shore as he drifted off to sleep on summer nights.  These adventures are very real to two little boys.  They have visions in their mind of just what life in Minnesota was like.


When we offered them the option of going to Daddy's childhood hometown and spending a week in a resort cabin on a lake, they jumped at the chance.  Do you know why?  Because they know us and want to know us better.  Do you know why?  Because they are with us a lot.  We are their peer group and they want to experience what we've experienced.


We live 45 minutes from my hometown.  My parents still live there today.  We spend LOTS of time with my family.  They boys have seen the school I attended.  They've played at the park in which I played as a child.  Last night, Walker T. said, "We've seen all of Mommy's stuff.  I'm ready to see what Daddy did!"


And so, next year the Lydell family will not be going to Disney World.  We will be seeking the adventures that Daddy sought as a child.  We will be reliving the stories that are our boys favorites, from Daddy's childhood.  Our children have chosen us, yet again, and I give the credit to our homeschool lifestyle.  Because we homeschool, we are the boys' primary influence.  They want to know us better.  I am so grateful for that!  I am so grateful for homeschooling.


On my birthday in the Spring, my sister and my mom and I always go out to lunch.  Of course, the boys come with us.  My sister commented this year on how cute it was that the boys were so excited for my birthday.  Again, this is the fruit of home education.  Because the boys are with me each day and I am their primary influence, they share my excitement.  So, they were excited for my birthday.


Homeschooling has many fruits.  But today I am thankful for the fruit of knowing.  Because we homeschool, our children KNOW us.  Our relationship is stronger because we don't compete with any other adult for their affection, time or respect.  They know us and want to know us even better.


And so it's Minnesota or bust!  They will come home with their own images, and their own stories.  And they will know Daddy even better. 

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