Sunday, September 24, 2006

Don't Overlook a Resource...adapting a product for any age

You won't believe the book I've been using the most for our extra projects this week.  Remember, my guys are 8 and almost 10 years of age.  The book I've been using, I picked up at a thrift store a few weeks ago.  It's entitled 101 Easy Wacky Crazy Activites for Preschoolers.  Yep, you read the end of that title correctly.  It said, For Preschoolers.


But your children are well past pre-school age, you say?  Yes, they are.  But there are activities throughout this book that we can use in many situations.  For instance, there are several ideas for painting in a creative way.  One activity sends the children outside with their easels, or just a big pad of paper and a tray of paints, but no paint brushes.  The children have to find items in the garden or back yard with which to paint.


This book has a wonderful recipe for homemade play dough.  I made it so that the boys could model a new geographic term they learned last week.  I gave the boys each a few balls of this home made playdough colored with food coloring and asked them to make a fiord after we read the definition in the dictionary.  This was a great hands-on way for them to show me what they'd learned.  We've been reading about Vikings a lot lately and fiords are listed in many of our books.  This afternoon, my 10-year-old son made the home made playdough all by himself just for fun!  I just handed him the book and said, "Read the directions!"


We also used the idea in this preschool book to use old markers as water-paints.  By covering a sheet of watercolor paper with water a seemingly dried up marker "paints" beautifully.


So, don't overlook a resource just because it doesn't list your child's age-group.  This pre-school book is going to fill our weeks with wonder.  If I would have set it aside because it said, "pre-school" on the cover, we would have missed out on a lot of fun!

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