Sunday, February 11, 2007

Book Review: Kingdom's Dawn

We are thoroughly entrenched in our Middle Ages study after being sidetracked by the vikings for months!  As part of the study, we began reading the Kingdom series of books by Chuck Black.  Our first read was "Kingdom's Dawn."


Everytime I read a chapter to the boys, they would chant, "Read another chapter!  Read another chapter!"  This book was engaging and full of action for two want-to-be knights.  It was full of valor and bravery, but also a great analogy of biblical truths.


Our oldest son picked up on the biblical parallels right away.  As I read the story of Leinad's father's time in a paradise-like castle with his wife, our son said, "Oh, it's like Adam!"


This book has inspired our little knights!  They earned $50 for stacking wood this fall and they used it this weekend to order swords from Vision Forum (  Their sword of choice is the William Wallace sword because it looks like the sword that's on the cover of the book.


When we finished the book we put it in Daddy's "launch pad."  He came home from work to find it there and we told him that he just had to read this book.  Daddy read it in two days and wanted the next one immediately.


Well, we don't have the next book yet and need to take a trip to the bookstore to pick it up!  Today, Daddy said, "Hey I'm ready for that next book.  Where is it?"  We had to remind him that we need to take the 40 minute drive to the book store.


So, our next book will be Chuck Black's Kingdom's Hope.  I think we'll pick up Kingdom's Edge while we're there, too!

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