Monday, February 19, 2007

Show and Tell

Three weeks ago our oldest son came to me and said, "We need to have show and tell."  My reply was, "Yes!  We do!"  The following Friday, I was the first presenter of our first show-and-tell session.  Our first session did not have a theme.  Each of us brought something that was important to us.  One at a time, we stood in an open area of the living room and told the other two about our special item.


I presented my crochet hook case.  The boys were very attentive and even asked me questions about why I selected this item to present for our first show-and-tell.  In turn, each of the boys presented a special item to them.  I asked questions and so did the son who wasn't presenting at the time.  The boys took their presentations very seriously and answered each question thoughtfully.  It was a wonderful time.


After our first show-and-tell meeting we brainstormed several topics we could use for each week's show-and-tell.  We wrote those topics on cards and selected the subject for the following week.  The subject chosen was electronics.


And so, this past Friday was our electronics presentation.  I showed the boys my ipod.  They had lots of questions and we all pressed buttons.  My eight-year-old showed me features that I didn't know it had!  Our youngest showed us his favorite on-line game.  Our oldest son showed us his favorite Xbox game.  I am not a gamer and usually let Daddy get all excited about the boys electronic games.  But by asking thoughtful questions during show-and-tell and really taking an interest in what they presented I saw something light-up in their eyes.  I saw another chord attach from their heart to mine.  We are close.  I do feel we have the boys hearts, but this opened another connection as I took interest in something about which the boys are so passionate.


And so, I have yet another idea for your little homeschool.  Give show-and-tell a try.  Take as much time as your children need to listen to them as they show you pieces of their hearts through things they love.  It will open their hearts toward you and yours to them.   It is also a great way for them to practice public speaking.  Maybe presenting to two or three people is not as intimidating as some presentations, but isn't home education all about preparing in the comfort and safety of your home.  What better place is there to conquer a fear than home? 


This Friday, the presentation subject is "Middle Ages."  It is the period of history we've been studying this year, but the boys just received swords from Vision Forum.  They worked for daddy loading wood in order to earn "real" swords.   And so they arrived.  The swords are four feet in length and made of stainless steel!  I'm a little fearful about this presentation, but the boys are incredibly excited!  Pray for me!

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