Monday, May 21, 2007

Need Copywork? Try a Cookbook!

I think I've blogged in the past about one of my favorite thrift stores.  "Abundant Blessings" has a half-price sale on Friday nights that I love to frequent.  This past Friday I picked up a cookbook, among many other things, while shopping at my favorite haunt.


I love cook books.  To steal a phrase from my girlfriend, I "read them like novels."  I will buy a cookbook and then sit for the next few evenings and read each and every recipe.


This new cookbook was a very interesting read.  It was made by a group from a senior-home and rehabilitation center many years ago.  The cookbook itself is interesting.  The covers are sanded pieces of wall paneling.  The recipes are then typed on colored sheets of thick paper.  The binding is two rings put through the board covers and the paper recipes.  The colored sheets are colored according to the type of recipe, with orange being vegetable dishes, yellow paper main dishes, etc.   On the cover of the recipe book, fabric and felt have been pasted to resemble two little girls facing one another in bonnets.  It is very 1970's in style, but still sweet in it's presentation.  I hope you can get a visual of this book, because it's construction is quite creative and unique.  The book can stand up easel-style to make reading a recipe easier.


BUT that's not what I want to tell you about tonight.  As I was reading my new cookbook this weekend, I was struck by many of the quotes, verses, and poems included in the recipe book.  The people organizing the project of making this cookbook asked residents of the home to provide their favorite quotes and bible verses in addition to their recipes.  This particular cookbook is FULL of great quotes and verses.


"Like the bee, we should make our industry our amusement."  --Coldsmith


"A laugh is worth one hundred groans in any market."  --Charles Lamb


"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world."  --John Muir


Those are three of the many quotes I found at the bottom of pages of recipes in my new-old cookbook.   Thinking about the many cookbooks I own that have come from church-groups and other organizations, I realized that many are created with various quotes and poems included with the recipes.  What a treasure-trove for copy-work!


In the 2007-2008 school year, we are going to set aside all of our penmanship practice and workbooks and focus entirely on copy-work.  Little did I know that I had just purchased a book full of copy-able quotes! 


So, go out to the kitchen and pull out that cookbook you have that the church women put together.  Chances are that you will find some great quotes at the bottom of the pages.  Add them to the list of copy-work quotes for next year.

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