Sunday, November 11, 2007

Church funnies

Over the summer we took a drive about 45 minutes north of where we live to walk an outdoor archery course with my husband and son.  My youngest does not shoot, nor do I, but Todd and my oldest son shoot archery competitively in the winter months.  In the summer they shoot outdoor courses at 3-d targets.  Friends of ours came along and we spent a lovely summer evening walking through the woods.  At the end of the course, the people who sponsored it had a bonfire blazing with hot dogs and marshmallows for anyone who was interested.  We stopped for a short while to visit the other shooters who had chosen to sit by the fire.


While sitting there, our friend struck-up a conversation with one of the men sitting around the fire.  Since this event was hosted by a Christian man, the subject of church arose.  Our friend asked what church the man and the woman sitting nearby attended.  One replied, "Grace Covenant"  the other replied something like, "Bread of Life"  Then, the man asked my friend what church we all attended.  My friend responded, "Eshcol Brethren in Christ."  The man said, "What's the name of your church?"  "Eshcol" our friend responded.  (Our church is located in the village of Eshcol, hence it's name)


The man sat staring at the fire, puzzled.  He said, "Is that in the bible?"  Our friend said, "Well, yes, it is mentioned in the bible.  It's in the old testament."


Again the man repeated, "Eshcol.  Eshcol?"  After a few seconds pondering he turned to us and shrugged and just said, "I don't get it!"


You see, many of the new churches in our area, and I'm sure in yours, have catchy little names like, "Living Waters Community Church" or "Bread of Life Community Church."  When I grew up, churches were named for the town in which they were located.  I grew up in Highspire First Church of God.  There was also a Highspire United Methodist, Highspire Luteran Church, and Highspire Church of God Anderson.  But they were all called "Highspire."  Now we attend the "Eshcol Brethren in Christ."  This man was used to the new way of naming churches and he just didn't get it when we said our church's name was Eshcol! ...funny




After a trip to Hershey park we stopped at the nearby Sheetz for drinks for the drive home.  While in the parking lot, we ran into a friend from my childhood.  This boy, now man, and I had attended church camp together for years.  Later when Todd and I were first married, we all attended the same church when we lived in the Hershey area.  After exchanging heartfelt hellos with our old friend, he asked where we were all living.  Coincidentally, we are now living in the town in which he was raised which is about an hour's drive from Hershey!  He no longer lives there.  He asked where we were attending church and we told him about the little country church we've attended for the past four years.  He shared that growing up in the same town he knew all about little country churches.  Then my husband said, "Yeah, when Lori plays the offertory it's like name that tune!  She plays four notes and the offering's over!"


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