Sunday, November 25, 2007

Friday Funday Computer Lessons

Every Friday is "Friday Fun Lessons Day".  On Fridays we sometimes do a special lapbook, or take a field trip.  One Friday we spent the entire morning working on an art lesson distributed by Millers Pads and Papers.(  But last week, I really had a fun time planning our fun lessons day, so I thought I'd share it with you.  My sons love electronics.  They would spend the entire day jumping from the XBox to the computer if I let them.  So I planned an entire day's-worth of lesson on the PC.


We began with math.  Both boys are working on memorizing their times tables so they were required to play Timez Attack for 15 minutes.  We have downloaded the free edition of this game and the graphics are great.  (  After their game, I had them each take a timed test here:


For history, they played the Thanksgiving WebQuest here:


I gave them some control in the area of Language Arts by telling them to pick two games in the "Word" category on


For the last month we have been playing a map puzzle game on the pc that we downloaded from Owl & Mouse software.  You can download it here:  We play it every day.  It is a great way to learn the locations of the states.  So for geography, we all played the puzzle game.  We each do the puzzle individually and then compare our times with each other.  And, yes, Mommy joins in the game!


For art, I told the boys about the splash paintings of Jackson Pollock.  I printed one of his paintings for them to see it.  Then I sent them to to make one of their own splash paintings on-line.  We printed them for their art portfolios.


Finally we got to science.  We've been studying chemistry lately and I found an element hangman game on  I told the boys to get their copies of the periodic table and play element hangman.  My youngest son did better at the game than I did!


And so, that was our Friday Fun Lessons Day.  We all enjoyed it, and, surprisingly, it did not take me too long to find all of the sites to fill each subject.  For my techno-boys, it was a great day to spend a morning.  Check out some of these sites, maybe you'll find something to make your lessons a fun-day too!

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  1. That sounds like a great day! I'm impressed that you have a fun day each week. You're a good mom!