Monday, December 3, 2007

Web Site Learning...but not as you would expect.

This morning our pastor sent us an email with this web address:

For the next 30 minutes my boys were at this site!   At this web address, there is a picture of a little dog.  Under the picture is a line for you to type in commands.  When you enter a command, if the dog understands what you've typed, it will perform the trick.   Why is this learning?  It seems like it's just an enteraining site, right?  Well, first of all the boys were typing.  They were spelling as they tried to think up new commands.  But then, my youngest son typed different words that meant the same thing, i.e. jump and leap.  After doing this he exclaimed, "It's homynyms!"


That's real learning and application of what's learned!  Will I log a full credit for language arts today from what they did on this web site?  Probably not.  But what a great way to reinforce what they've learned.  What a fun way to practice their typing and spelling!


Learning happens everywhere.  Even when training a virtual dog.

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