Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

OK, I'm a little late in posting.  And actually I haven't posted ina while, so this is LONG overdue.  I wanted to share with you our Valentine's Day celebration.


In our house, Valentine's Day is a family celebration, not just a romantic celebration for my husband and I.  So, just like at Christmas time, we work together to create a family celebration.  For our lessons on Thursday, February 14, 2008 the boys made a pineapple upside down cake, their daddy's favorite.  They also made homemade cards for me and and for their dad.  They wrote lovely sentiments in the cards and decorated them especially for each of us.


By evening, our Valentine's table was set with the best dishes and linens.  There were presents at each place, most of them homemade, along with our homemade cards. 




The surprises I had for everyone were:

-handmade/crocheted stuffed animals for each of the boys.




-a gift card for each of the boys to Blockbuster so that they can rent a game or movie.

-homemade cards.

-a coupon book.  The book had coupons such as "good for one day off of chores"; "you pick what we have for supper", "good for one night to sleep in the living room"; etc...


I was gratified to see that the boys were more excited about the handmade gifts than the gift card.  Their stuffed animals were immediately named and given personalities as they altered their voices to represent the voice of the animal.  And they were so excited to receive and use their coupon books!  My oldest, Big Mac, said he would like a coupon book for "Easter, April Fools, Memorial Day,...Mommy, what other holidays are there?"  My heart was swelling as they exclaimed over these homemade gifts.


At my husband's place we put a pair of new "Crocs."  He has an old pair of slippers that he wears to take the dogs outside at night.  These slippers are true to their name and he has slipped on the ice coming back into the house many evenings.  SO, he thought a pair of the rubber "crocs" would work better for him.  The boys and I took a quick trip into the city to get this special Valentine's day parcel just for Daddy.  We were all excited to share our secret with him.   I also gave him a coupon book--for Daddy's eyes only.


Our supper was very special.  I made stuffed loin of venison wrapped in bacon, fettucine alfraedo, and snow peas with crescent rolls.  But most special was dessert.  The boys knew about Daddy's pineapple upside down cake because they helped to make it.  What they didn't know was that I made each of them a special dessert as well. For my oldest I made an apple pie, for my youngest a blueberry pie.  Their eyes were huge as I set an entire dessert in front of them at the end of our meal and told them that it was just for them.


It's fun to celebrate these special days as a family.  I'm sure in 10 years the boys will not be as excited to spend their Valentine's night with Mommy and Daddy, so I'm trying very hard to savor these celebrations while they are young and enthusiastic.

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