Sunday, July 6, 2008

You have GOT to see this!

We were having a relaxing Saturday morning.  We had just finished breakfast, when I noticed that one of the hummingbird feeders we keep outside our "screamin" porch (the boys named our screened-in porch many years ago) was cloudy.  So I asked my husband, Big Dog, if he would go out and get them so that we could rinse and re-stock the feeders.

When he went outside there were a few birds hovering near Big Dog.  He took the feeder off the shepherd's hook and stood perfectly still holding the feeder.  I couldn't believe my eyes as I stood watching from the window at the kitchen sink.  A hummingbird came to the feeder suspended from my husband's finger!!  The amazement on Big Dog's face was remarkable.

He came into the house yelling "Did you SEE that?!?"  We quickly rinsed the feeders and replentished them with new nectar.  I grabbed the camera and snuck onto the screamin' porch while Big Dog stood outside the porch holding the feeders.  Below are the pictures.  They're not great but you can see the hummingbird at the feeder if you look closely.  This was truly amazing!

And here's a tip to keep your feeder's well stocked.  Yesterday, we rinsed and filled the feeders and then I immediately made more nectar and placed it into the regrigerator so that I'm ready for the next time I need to fill the feeders.  The birds like fresh nectar every few days, so I keep the refrigerator stocked.  The nectar is just 1 C. of sugar to 4 C. water.  I boil it a few minutes to dissolve, then let it cool.  Then I pour it into a plastic sealable container and let it chill in the refrigerator until I'm ready to refill.  I don't color it with red food coloring because now that they know where it is, the coloring isn't necessary.  One feeder is red, so that also eliminates the need.

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  1. That is really cool! I think Hummingbirds are some of the neatest birds around.

    Talk about a perfect Nature moment!