Sunday, August 31, 2008

Safety Net

Today's sermon was from Luke 5:1-11.  The story of the disciples fishing expedition.  In case you don't remember, the disciples had been fishing all night.  They had not caught any fish and they were tired.  Feeling defeated, they decided to haul in the nets and head for shore.   That is when Jesus said, "Throw your nets onto the other side."  When the disciples did as they were told, they caught more fish than their nets could hold.  The boat was so laden down with fish that it almost sank!

Our preacher today reminded us as one of the points of his sermon that Jesus used people to perform his miracles.  When he changed the water into wine, the waiters first had to fill the jugs.  In order for the lame man to begin walking, he had to pick up his mat.  Each time he performed a miracle, a mere mortal had to do something before the miracle was performed.  In today's story, the disciples had to cast their nets out before they could receive th catch of fish.

Thirteen years ago I had what would appear to outsiders as a very successful career.  Big Dog and I had been married for almost four years.  Although we wanted children right away in our marriage, children hadn't come yet.  I was working and travelling quite often in my job.  And then, we began to feel that God was leading us for me to quit my job.  It made no sense at all.  I was actually making twice as much money as my husband.  We didn't own a home or have a lot of debt, but to give up 2/3 of our income was crazy!  But this idea wouldn't go away.  So, we threw up our hands and said, "OK God, we'll do it!"  I resigned, with no idea of what would come next.  The very next day, I was offered a position as a contractor.  This position was less stress, less hours, and less money, but it was a way for me to slowly wean myself from corporate life and for us to begin to learn how to live on less money.

While working the contract position, I began a small home-based business.  Within a year, we felt that it was time for me to quit the contract position.  On the day I resigned, I got two new clients for my home-based business and learned that I was pregnant with our first child.

You see, sometimes, maybe even most times, we need to take the step in order for God to perform the miracle.  He asks us to do something before He shows his plan and his power.  That's how it has worked for me numerous times in my life.  Just like the story of my career and the beginning of our family.  God required me to take a step, or a leap, before He provided the safety net.  But just when I leaped, that net was there, saving me once again.

When you know that you are centered in His will, you can trust that He will keep you safe as you take any leap of faith He requires.  Did quitting a lucrative career make sense in man's eyes?  Absolutely not!  But had I stuck with the safe route, I would have never seen His glorious hand in my life!  If you are sure that you are in the center of His will, take the leap, God will provide the safety net!


  1. This is Rachel. I am leaving you a comment as the HSB Literary Club because you are on the friends list at the HSB Club. I just wanted to let you know that we will be starting our next book tomorrow. Sorry this is such short notice. :)

    We will be reading Enoch Roden's Training by Hesba Stretton. There is a post up at the Club if you want to sign the linky to join us. Posting about it on your blog would be a great way to let others know about the book we are reading and ask them to join us!

    Hope to see your name on the Linky!

    For the HSB Lit Club,


  2. Hi Lorilynn,

    I had trouble reading this blog through the tears. Let me explain.

    A couple weeks ago, Rob also had a sermon similar to that. Essentially, that God wants to use us to do the miracles, not that miracles don't happen on their own, but he wants us to be the vessels.

    So, it reminded me that when we sought God about the direction for our lives, He asked me to step down from my position as music instructor just recently. That didn't make any sense either, because literally every penny that was coming in was going out. So for me to stop working, we would completely have to trust God. I kept saying to myself, "this is never gonna work." And I felt uncomfortable asking Rob to go find a second job. He thought about working at the local Giant, cuz it was close to home. That door slammed shut, but then a couple of days ago, they asked him to come in for an interview and offered him a job. Funny. That same day, he was hired for another job with $2.00 more an hour. Hmmm.

    We've made the effort and now we just have to trust God. So far, we believe its a work of God. I know there are sacrifices we have to make (like sitting with three kids on my lap under a large umbrella at a football game by myself), but we're thankful for the opportunity.

    Much love,