Monday, August 18, 2008


Yesterday the boys found a snapping turtle while swimming in the creek in front of our house.  Big Mac immediately named him "Sheldon."  Although the boys could not keep him, we did let them spend some time with him observing.  He was neat to watch.


Today, we are adding pictures of Sheldon to our sketchbooks and finding Sheldon's Latin name for our books.  Before returning Sheldon to the wild, we took several pictures.  Below are one of each of our boys with their new friend Sheldon.  I love these pictures because of the boys eyes.  When Big Mac was little and someone would ask him for the color of his eyes he would say, "Black!"  Truly, both boys' eyes are so dark you can barely see the pupil.  These pictures really show that.



Big Mac and Sheldon the snapping turtle



T-bone and Sheldon.

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