Wednesday, October 22, 2008


About two weeks ago I began a monstrous "To Do" list.  One of my mentors is Cindy Rushton.  (,,  On her writer's nook web site, she said that you can really make a change in your life by writing everything down.  She advised to get a little book and carry it with you.  Everytime you think of something you want to do, you should write it down.  I began doing that.  I'm on page 6!  I have written things I want to do around the house; things I want to do with our little homeschool; projects I want to knit and crochet; and things I want to do for others.  Eventually I will take this giant list, when I feel like my brain has really been dumped, and organize it into specific projects.  I will sort the line items by their categories, such as crafts, homeschool, home repair, etc...   But I am beginning to cross off some of these things with a highlighter even before they are sorted into categories.  I love working from this list.   I am more focused about what I am doing.  I have a few spare minutes in my day and I think, "What can I do to cross something off my list?"  It has made my already-productive days more productive.


Another great dividend of making this list is that as the mundane chore-type projects were dumped onto the list, my mind was freed to dream about the things I really want to do.  The big dreams made their way to my list after a few days of listing chores and home repair.  I can feel the change in my life already by just beginning to dream dreams.  By putting those dreams on paper, I'm really feeling for the first time like they might actually happen!  It's given me a hopeful bublly feeling deep inside.


This week, the items on my list that seem to be glaring at me are the "declutter" items.  I need to clean out/reorganize my closet.  I need to do a purge in the basement.  I need to de-clutter the book shelves and the craft hutch...the list goes on and on.  I began Monday by working in Big Dog's study and clearing books.  I then moved into my bookshelf in our bedroom and got it cleaned and organized.  Each day, as I plan to tackle another area, I pray and ask My Father if this is something He would want me to do.  So, it will come as no surprise what Cindy Rushton's current article is about on her website?  Decluttering!  This morning, I woke up and started my daily to do list.  I added a declutter area to my list and asked My Father if that is what He would want me to do?  Then I checked my email and "The Homeschool Minute" was in my in-box.  Guess what it was about?  Yep, decluttering!!!


I find that The Lord affirms me in many ways.  Sometimes, I don't recognize His affirmation until later.  I want to be so aware of His presence in my life that I see His affirmations as they happen.  As I seek His will for my life, I can see His hand in guiding me.


Last week, He used my email inbox to affirm our parenting choices.  Someone encouraged me to send our boys to a week-long summer camp.  My husband and I have made a decision for our family that we don't want the boys spending long periods of time away from us and certainly not sleep-away periods of time.  We want to be their peer group.  We don't know how we could follow the command in Deuteronomy to teach them "all along the way" when they are not with us.  So we do not send them to sleep-away camps.  As this person encouraged us to send the boys away, I fervrently prayed that The Lord would change my heart if I was wrong in my way of thinking.  I just want to be in the center of His will and if His will is summer camp, then He must change my heart.  A few short days after this summer-camp discussion, I got my copy of Lorri Flemm's ezine in my in-box.  Can you guess what one of her articles was concerning?  Her rule that she doesn't send her children on sleep-away excursions!


Affirmations.  I wrote once, a long time ago, about how My Father continually affirms our little home school.  When I decided, years ago, to study the ocean, a free ocean's unit study landed in my in-box.  When I began reading the book "The Secret Garden" to the boys last Spring, the Monday freebie at was a time-tags project for that book.  He affirms our home school.  He affirms our parenting.  He affirms my to do list! 


When I am really seeking His ways and to be in the center of His will, My Father puts His hand on my back and says, "Walk this way."  I've listed just a few examples of how He's done this recently.  It's exciting to look at these things and give the credit where it is due.  The Father in Heaven is an Affirming God.  I am a grateful girl.


  1. I, too, believe God is an affirming God. I think it's so cool when I ask for His guidance in something and His answer is revealed in a unique way! Please come check out my newest entry, The Pearls, and leave a comment. I really want people's opinions on this and I would like 10 comments. I'm not there yet, so please help me out! Thanks!

  2. This is a wonderful inspiration. and it is also a reminder of where our eyes should be focused, on Our Father. Being patient and waiting for His lead and affirmations from Him is something I struggle with. So to get on and read your story this morning is an affirmation for me to stay strong, and wait.


  3. Lori Lynn,

    First I want to thank you for being my first post on my first blog!

    I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciate this post about writing things down. It reminded me of a post I saw recently on another blog that you might be interested in looking at.

    If I don't write things down, I am lost! The problem I have is keeping/finding all my little notes. Thanks to you and Cindy Rushton for the notebook idea. (Now if I don't lose the notebook! LOL)