Friday, October 31, 2008

A Special Day

Today was Halloween.  My boys begin talking about their costumes in the Summer.  They have always loved to dress-up in costumes.  For many years we had a costume box and our youngest, T-bone, was someone different every day.  I used to say that I knew who he was by who he called me.  If he called me, "Wois" (Lois Lane) then he was Superman.  If he called me, "Vicki" (Vicki Vale) then he was Batman.  "Mary Jane" meant he was spider man and "Jessie" meant he was Buzz Lightyear.  One year we were visiting my sister's church.  Our T-bone stayed in the nursery during the worship service.  Partly through the service, one of the nursery workers found me and said, "Your son, Buzz Lightyear, needs his diaper changed.  He won't let anyone do it."  He also would only let the nursery workers call him Buzz!

Halloween is not my favorite day of the year.  I understand the aversion many Christians have to this holiday.  Our boys have read all of the tracts against Halloween and they understand its origins.  We know that God knows our hearts and for our boys, it's purely about dressing up in fun costumes...oh...and eatting candy, lots and lots of candy.  

Today, I took a cue from and made a few special treats in honor of the day for our lunch and supper.  It made the day a little more fun than your average Friday and the boys enjoyed it.

For lunch we had coffin sandwiches and carrot fingers:

For supper, we had mummy hotdogs and tomato soup with bats in it:

Our oldest son, Big Mac, took the left over cheese pieces from the bats that floated in our soup and made this very creative scene:

We finished the evening trick or treating in a small town a few minutes from our country home.  We can cover the entire town in about 30 minutes and several families from our church live there.  It was a warm evening and many of the people were sitting outside on their porches to greet the trick or treaters.

When it comes to candy, I've borrowed my parenting philosophy from my sister.  I let them eat it until it's gone.  The first night the boys hit the candy pretty hard, but they quickly lose interest and I will throw away what's left in a few days.  No one is ever the wiser.

So now, my guys are in the bathtub after another day's adventure.  This time, they're treating themselves to a few treats while they soak.  Soon they're off to bed to gear up for another adventure tomorrow.  Happy Halloween!

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