Monday, October 27, 2008

Things I Can't Live Without: my label maker

As I think of things, I'm going to blog about some things I can't live without.  Some of these things will be home related, some home school related.  This first one works in both places.  It is my label maker and I love it!


I actually asked for a label maker a few Christmases ago.  It was given to me by my husband, The Big Dog, and our two boys, Big Mac and T-Bone.  I use it around the house in many ways.  I use it to label files in my filing cabinet.  I used it recently to make tabs for my new organizer.  I received an empty organizer and I made my own calendar inserts as well as other sections that fit my life.  A purchased organizer would never have fit my life, but this one does.  Once I had all the papers into my new organizer, I needed to make dividers so that I could easily find the sections.  I used some old file folders and cut them so that they would be staggered dividers in my book.  Then I printed the titles for each divider using my label maker and pasted them to the dividers.  It is neat and, excuse the pun, organized!


I used my label maker to mark the boys' drawers.  One says, "Underwear", one "Socks", etc...  And we, Big Dog and I have labels on the plastic bins that hold our unmentionables in our closets, too.  I have labels on the boxes and crates that house our craft supplies. 


We have even used our label-maker to make labels for our timeline books!  When we studied history a few years ago, the boys were too little for a lot of writing, so I would print a label and let them stick it in the correct year spaces.


I love my label maker.  We use it at least once a week around this house.  Although I could probably print labels on the PC or hand-write some stickers, my label maker is portable and neat.  The printed labels make everythiing look orderly, even when, sometimes, things are DEFINITELY not orderly!


Here endenth my first installment of "Things I Can't Live Without."

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