Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Use What You've Got

We are reading Margaret Pumphrey's "Pilgrim Stories" in these days leading up to Thanksgiving.  It is a wonderful book we downloaded last week at www.homeschoolfreebie.com  If you ever have a chance to read this to your children, do it!

In today's reading the Pilgrims had escaped religious persecution in England by going to Holland.  The chapters we read explained about life in Holland with much detail.  It was a mini-geography lesson.  As I was reading I was reminded of a story-book I picked up at a library sale years ago.  When finishing the chapter, there was a footnote about reading a poem to your students about the child who put his hand in a hole in the dyke holding back the sea in order to save his community.  So, even though we weren't finished with our reading of Pilgrim Stories, I skipped over to the PC to find the poem in question.  It's called, "The Leak in the Dike" by Phoebe Cary and you can find it here:  http://www.poetry-archive.com/c/the_leak_in_the_dike.html

Then I ran upstairs to the bookshelf in the boys' room where we keep the picture books and found our old and worn copy of "The Wheel on the Chimney" by Margaret Wise Brown.  Yes, this is the author of "Goodnight Moon."  The book we read was all about storks.  Although it was a picture book, the information given really gave us a knowledge of storks and how they live.

So, we had science, geography AND history (language arts, too, by just reading) and all we had done was read!  Of course, our Thanksgiving lessons included much more than this, but I was so thrilled with how this morning progressed.  I love homeschooling because I can see what needs to be done and do it.  There are no pre-submitted lesson plans to which I need to stick.  I can spontaneously use whatever materials are at my hand and it turns into a great day.

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