Monday, December 22, 2008

Another, "Overheard in Newport, PA"

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with my brothers, sister and parents.  T-bone got a book he has wanted for a year, "The Dangerous Book for Boys." 


As the boys were pouring over the pages of this book and making plans for their summer, Big Mac was telling T-Bone about the treehouse they would build.  The new book shows a picture and plans for the tree house they want to make.  Big Mac told Walker T. that once the tree house is built they will live there for the rest of the summer.  He told T-bone of their plans for several minutes.  "We will need to lay into some supplies for our meals."  Big Mac concluded.


Suddenly my little justice-boy, T-Bone, found his voice once again, "Oh no!  Mommy is going to make us breakfast-lunch-and-supper just like always!"


It's good to know that I'm needed for SOMETHING!

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