Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Character Name Acronym

Well, that title's a mouthful, isn't it?  We followed the challenge put forth from the "Teaching Good Things" e-newsletter and blog.  And spent several minutes this New Year's Eve making an acronym for our last name.  We used desirable character traits to spell out our last name:  L-Y-D-E-L-L


This year, when we need to improve our attitudes we will say, "Are you being a LYDELL?"  We first listed all the character traits we could name for each letter.  Then came the really difficult part.  We had to narrow each letter down to ONE character trait!  This took much discussion and voting.  I'm glad we only have two boys, because I couldn't imagine having to agree among a much larger family!


Here are the results.  This is what being a Lydell means to this little family:


Y-yare (it means ready, prepared, brisk, active, and quick)


E-excellent  (This is a character trait we instruct regularly.  We are not looking for perfection, we are looking for excellence, the best you can accomplish with your skill-set.)




To accept the challenge, visit the Teaching Good Things blog and start your own character-trait acronym.

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  1. We've accepted the challenge and it seems to be working really well. Even (especially) my 3 year old gets it. When I say it to the others, they immediately stop what they are doing and think. Here's our acronym:

    D- Dedicated

    U- United

    B- Brave

    O- Orderly

    S- Servant

    E- Encouraging

    Thanks for the imput