Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Project

We've started a new project with the boys in the new year.  Each boys is making entries on his own blog.  They may make their own entries whenever they desire, however, I am also giving them assigned entries.  I was going to give them each a journal at the New Year and have them begin to keep a daily journal.  I picked up a book called, "Writing Down the Days."  In it are daily prompts for journalling.  The prompts are creative and fun.

Let me interject here that my two boys HATE to write.  I have become a writing-lover. (which is why I maintain so many blogs!)  So, it makes me sad to see them despise writing so much.  I wanted to use these journal prompts to encourage them to write every day even if it is just a few lines.

As I was thinking of goals for the boys for the new year I was reminded of my desire to improve on their typing.  And then it hit me!  Just like that old commercial where the chocolate falls into the peanut butter and Reese's Peanutbutter Cups are created (which is one of God's most heavenly creations, I might add).  Well, just like the Reese's commercial, typing and journalling came together into my brain.  The lightbulb lit over my head and I said, "blogging!"

And so, two new blogs have been born out of this family:



On most days, I will type the prompt with which they are to journal.  Then they will sit down at the computer and type out their responses.  So far they have been creative.  Even though the boys still don't enjoy writing, or typing, they seem to be enjoying this new way to express themselves.

Check out their blogs.  They are really fun.  And feel free to use this idea yourself!

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