Thursday, April 30, 2009

Getting Ready for Summer

You know, there's just something about the Spring that gets me thinking.  Usually I fast forward to the summer months.  Although we consider ourselves to be a year-round homeschooling family, our summers are much more relaxed.  We participate in the library summer-story-hour.  We spend long days at the pool.  We take walks through the cool wooded trails at the state park near our home.


I recently received a copy of "Beating the Summertime Blues"

E-Book: WeE-book™-Beating the Summertime Blues

This little 5-page treasure is part of The Old Schoolhouse's WeE-book line.  This book-line has a bunch of quick reads with great content.

  WeE-book™ $1.95!


This summer, we will, once again, be watching one of our boys' friends.  We tried this for the first time last summer.  We also watched another one of their friends one day a week.  As the summer progressed, I was constantly searching for new and fun activities to engage these boys.  I wanted our boys to learn but still have fun.


The ebook, "Beating the Summertime Blues" tackled summertime boredom with lots of great ideas for the idle months.  It was a very fast read, but chock-full of great advice, not only for activities to entertain your children, but also reminders to mom about taking some time for yourself this summer. 


Reading "Beating the Summertime Blues"  makes me eager to meet this summer head-on!  I've got big plans for the months of June, July and August!  Now, does anyone know where I can get a few 10-pound blocks of ice?

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