Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kite Day!

Today was "Kite Day" at church.  After a ROCKIN' worhip and sermon, we all headed outside.  We munched on hotdogs and french fries in the gorgeous sunshine and then we hit the fields.  There were a lot of kites available.  Of course, our boys gravitated to the stunt kites.


Here's Big Mac flying a stunt kite that was cylinder-shaped.  It spun as it flew and it was SO COOL!




And here's T-bone flying a traditional kite.  It was so powerful it almost pulled you off the ground!



And, finally, look how the Big Dog flew his kite!


Although it was unseasonably warm, we saw 90 degree temps in April, it was a beautiful-beautiful day.  God gave us quite a gift to be outdoors and together flying kites after worship.

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