Thursday, April 30, 2009

Raised by Wolves

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If you were approaced by a government agent who told you that you were required by law to hand your children over to the government for the bulk of the daylight hours, would you do it?  Would you willingly call your children to the door, place your hands on your son's or daughter's back and push them toward this stranger?  Would you send them off, not knowing what the children would learn, or be told?


It sounds like a scary situation right?  And yet, there are millions of families doing it every day.  Our schools are run by our government.  Nothing is taught that is not first legislated.  But even greater than the government is the peer group into which children are being sent.  From a young impressionable age, children are learning what they know of the world from other children their age and older. 


It is this perspective that Mrs. Suarez tackles in her essay, "I Was Raised By Wolves" which has been published by The Old Schoolhouse as part of their WeE-book line.  Without going into detail, she tells of the years of her public education and the thoughts implanted into her brain forever by her peers.  Mrs. Suarez reminds us that our children are a gift from God and are set-apart by Him.  Sending them into the public arena where they learn all the heinous things children from unGodly homes can teach them is simply not good enough for children of the King.


If you are happily homeschooling, pick up a copy of "I Was Raised By Wolves" for the ney-sayers in your life.  If you are struggling to homeschool, pick up a copy of "I Was Raised By Wolves" for yourself.  You will be uplifted and encouraged to continue this journey!

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