Sunday, May 3, 2009

Poppy's Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated my father's 76th birthday.  I'm so gratefule for how active and healthy my parents are.  My mom still walks 4-5 miles a day.  My dad still works as an EMT!  We joined two of my siblings on my parents sun-porch to have an ice cream cake in Dad's honor.  Enjoy the pictures!


Three of Poppy's THIRTEEN grandchildren joined him for his party.  That's Big Mac on the left, T-bone is standing above Poppy and the boys' cousin (my neice) Little Fish is on the right.  No, we didn't put 76 candles on the cake!


Seventy-six looks pretty good!  This is a close-up picture that Big Mac took with our camera.  He's getting to be a good little photographer!  When he finished taking the picture, Poppy said, "Did you really take my picture?"  And he showed it to him on the screen.  He was standing so close, Poppy didn't believe that he was really taking it!


It was a great day.  A great celebration!

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