Friday, May 1, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

The Big Dog was planning a turkey hunting excursion last week and he announced that we would all take a walk in the woods to set up his hunting area, called the blind.  So on a Thursday evening after supper we all marched across the field behind our house and into the woods.


I love a walk in the woods.  I took the camera and practiced my close-up shots.  This is the best one:


While walking we saw what changes were made in the woods over the Winter months. This tree didn't fare so well:


We walked up to where The Big Dog wanted to hunt and the boys helped him to set up his blind.  Then we headed back to the edge of the woods.  When we reached a clearing I just had to get a picture of my three guys.  Here's Big Mac, the Big Dog and T-bone after an exhilarating walk in the woods!


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  1. ok so maybe you already said but what is your "dog" name??