Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SpellQuizzer: A Spelling Software You MUST Check Out!

I am really excited to tell you about this great spelling software that I have started using.  SpellQuizzer is aspelling program for students of all ages.  You can use this from 1st grade through 12th.  In other words, if you purchase this program for your homeschool this year, you will be able to use it until your son or daughter graduates! 


We have two sons who are both NOT great spellers.  Our youngest is an especially not-great-speller.  We have tried traditional spelling methods like the way I was taught a million years ago in public school.  We purchased a curriculum to follow another year.  The boys hated it.  But one thing the boys have always loved is anything computerized.


SpellQuizzer did not disappoint my two technological boys.  They jumped right into using the software the first day we tried it out.  I immediately had visions of them happily learning to spell new words all year!


The initial interface is graphically pleasing and easy to use.  You can see an image of it here.  We began our journey into SpellQuizzer by entering a spelling list for the week for each of the boys.  By using their easy interface, you type in the words on your list.  After you type each word, you are given the opportunity to record the word being spoken.  This way, when your student is tested on the spelling words, they can hear your voice listing the words to be spelled.  You could really have some fun with this, speaking the words in a silly voice.  After I recorded a few words, the boys wanted a turn.  This was so much fun for them!  They really enjoyed being able to enter and record their own lists.  Although I chose the list of words, they were the ones to enter most of them into SpellQuizzer because they thought it was so much fun! 


You can find sample spelling lists at SpellQuizzer's website here.  These lists are able to be downloaded directly into your copy of SpellQuizzer so that you don't have to re-type them.  Another feature I love is that there is a spell checker built into this entry screen, so you can't mis-type a word.


After all the words are entered for the week, we went back to the main menu screen and the boys chose to test themselves on their new words.  As each word was spoken to them, the boys typed the word into the entry box.  They were able to have the word repeated as many times as they chose.  The program told them if the word was incorrect and showed them the correct spelling of the word.


We had the boys take a test on their words and then re-test on the words they missed until they had typed each word correctly.  Using 10 words, the entire testing and re-testing process only lasted about 15 minutes.  My mind was dancing ahead to the rest of the year.  I will be able to put the week's words into the SpellQuizzer on Sunday evening and then the boys will get on the PC each day and use SpellQuizzer to test themselves every day learning their words!  That's independant work and learning, my friends.  To me, that's very exciting.


SpellQuizzer is very reasonably priced at $29.95 for onePC and can be purchased here.  They also offer a family download edition which enables you to download to 5 PCs, and special pricing for homechool groups and schools.  Since the software makes it easy to import and export lists, this would be perfect for homeschool groups or co-ops who can work from the same lists as part of a class.


You can download a 30-day free trial of this software and use it in your homeschool.  I'm sure you will find, as I did, that SpellQuizzer is a spelling software that will give you time and improve the spellers in your home!

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