Monday, August 31, 2009

It IS Rocket Science! The Study Pod Book Holder

On Friday I received a really fun package in the mail.  At first I was a little confused because when I opened the box from Studypod the item inside was so compact and sleek  It could easily fit on my bookshelf and blend in with the other books on the shelf.  This couldn't be the bookholder I was expecting, could it?

I quickly scanned the instructions and began to set my Studypod up on the kitchen table to hold a notebook.  There are three quick instructions to follow when opening and using your studypod.  At first, this seemed complicated to me (I'm not an instruction-reader), but after the first time I didn't need to use the instructions at all to set up our book holder. 

I think that this particular book holder is genius maybe that's why the parent company is named Genio!  I can think of so many uses for it, in addition to our homeschool.  When my husband saw it, he immediately said, "Oh!  You could use that to hold your cookbooks when you're workng from a recipe!"  I also could use it to hold a knit or crochet pattern.  And I have visions of propping a book up in the studypod while reading in bed.  We will definitely use it in our homeschool.  Rght now I'm reading the boys a book about the Greek myths.  It's a large book with a lot of great pictures.  The boys always want to see the pictures, but because it's hard to hold, read,and show the pictures, I'm looking forward to using the study pod to take away the "holding and showing the pictures" part.  All I'll have to do is read!

I love how compact this unit is.  It folds into the size of a book and fits nicely on a book shelf.  What is exceptionally brilliant is the little pocket inside the studypod.

You can put your calculater, notecards, and/or pens in this little pocket and it will not disturb the display of your book at all! 


There are also page holders.  I knitted a book-weight last year.  The purpose of this item was to lay the oblong weighted piece across your book to hold the pages down.  This way, you don't have to hold the book open while trying to copy or read from it.  Well, with the study-pod, my book weight is obsolete!  The studypod has two metal bars that can hold your book open to a page for you.  If you don't need to use those, sometimes books lay open without a need for a holder, these arms make additional support at the base of your book.


In the information from the company, the studypod was designed to ease back and neck tension while reading or working from a book.  If you've ever gotten that pain in between your shoulder blades after spending a lot of time with a book open on a desk or table, you know what I mean.  This book holder was designed with the intention of improving student's posture while studyng!  I think that's fabulous.


Check out the studypod.  There is a very informative website here with more information than I can provide on this blog.  And my fellow review crew bloggers are all reviewing this item here.


The study pod costs $19.95, but the company has given me the opportunity to offer you a discount!  When you make a purchase on the study pod web site, use the code TOSBLOG5 in the coupon code to get $5 off your order.


Check out the study pod book holder.  You will find so many uses for this tool in your home that you will want to purchase more than one for every age in your home!  They are easy to store and even easier to use.  Genio also makes the same product but calls it Bookpod.  The Book Pod is offered in blak, grey, and tan, for those adults who don't want to feel like they are using a student's tool. 


If you'd like additional information not provided here or on the study pod web site, contact Genio at the following address: 

1613 Thornridge Way

Charlottesville, VA 22911

By telephone, they can be reached at:  (434) 974-7042


I've got to bring this review to a close.  It's time to put a book into my study pod and read to the boys!


  1. This review made me want one!

  2. CookieMonsterKatrinaSeptember 2, 2009 at 6:51 AM

    I thought the studypod was really cool too. I was so excited I showed it to my kids. Yesterday, while trying to prop a cookbook open using my son's toy plane, he said, "Mom, why don't you use that bookholder?"


    Katrina at