Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Minnesota Poem

A few weeks ago the freebie at was the e-book:  "Poetry Forms to Use at Home."  We were just beginnning our new year of lessons, so I printed it out and began it right away with the boys. They really like writing poetry, so this was a good fit for us.


Today's poem is a sense-poem.  The boys each had a form to complete that guided them through a poem writing about the five-senses and a particular place or thing.  As I was reading through their instructions, I was inspired to write a sense poem about Minnesota.


My husband grew up in Northern Minnesota and we visited his home for almost two weeks at the end of May.  I fell in love.  We've visited before, but this time was different.  My love for his family grew immensely.  I could envision myself living in this place.  We have been praying for a year about God's plan for our future.  We have been feeling Him calling us to return to The Big Dog's home and be part of his family in a more real way.  As I looked through my pictures deciding which one to put on this blog, I was, once again, in tears.  I am homesick for a place that was never my home.


Below is a picture of Big Dog's dad, Grandpa, while we were fishing on Fish Hook Lake, and my poem follows.





I would like to see the lakes as we drive North.

I would like to hear the loons call while we’re fishing.

I would like to touch the velvety water as the boat drifts lazily along.

I would like to taste my mother-in-love’s cooking in her cozy kitchen.

I would like to smell the crisp cold morning air.

I wish I were there right now.

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