Sunday, August 2, 2009

We interrupt this summer for...

…a torn Achilles’ tendon, and all its complications.  A little over a month ago, my husband tore his Achilles tendon playing softball for the church.  We spent that evening in the ER.  Then we spent a week going back and forth to Dr.s and MRIs before he had surgery to repair the tear.  After a week at home on the couch, he returned to work.  Two days later we were in the ER again with symptoms of a heart attack.  It was not a heart attack, but just as serious.  Two large clots were found in his lungs and he spent 2 days in the Medical Intensive Care Unit.  After three days, we brought him home for another week on the couch.  Since then, he has returned to work.  Other than a little extra doctoring and blood work for the next six months to ensure that the clots disappear and no new ones develop we are returning to our more regular schedule. 


It has been a trying month.  He tore his right Achilles, so I have had to do all the driving.  The night we spent in the ER that ended in his admittance to Intensive Care was the most scary thing that has happened in our 16+ years of marriage.  I spent a long time sitting in the van crying more deeply than I’ve cried in years. 


All this to say, I’ve been absent from my blogs for this past month, but I’ve had a pretty good excuse.  Now, things are beginning to settle down. 


It seems trite to say, “God has been so faithful.”  He is God and that’s what He does.  He’s faithful.  But, although His faithfulness is shown in His healing and protection, He has been speaking to me and showing me so many things as we traveled this journey.  We have so much for which to be grateful.  I want to post a special gratitude list on my other blog as a result of the happenings of this last month.


So, stay tuned.  I have some great reviews, read a wonderful book or two, and other family adventures to share with you.  And thanks for understanding this hiatus. God is good.


  1. Glad things are on the mend. God is good, all the time, ALL the time, God is GOOD!


  2. how scary and yet a reminder that He is the only one in control. i'm so glad to read your hubby is well enough to go about his daily routine. call if you need anything :)