Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Web Design for Kids DVD

A few weeks ago I received the Web Design for Kids DVD in the mail from Click and Drag Solutions.    "Learn HTML" has been on our to do list for a year.  So last week, we watched a few portions of this DVD in the evenings as a family.  The day after our first viewing, our boys were begging to watch more!


On the first night, we chose to watch the DVD without being on the PC at all.  But we quickly learned that instant application was the best method for using the DVD.  We watched the first two sections and the boys took notes.  As soon as we stopped the DVD, one boy was on our desktop and one boy jumped onto my laptop.  They had each created a web page within 30 minutes!


As I said in the first paragraph, they were begging to watch more of the DVD.  I had to hold them back during the day because Daddy wanted to watch too.  The boys could hardly stand to wait until their Dad got home from work!  Each night after that we watched 2 more sections and the boys typed into the code for their developing website as the DVD was playing.


Web Design for Kids is less than and hour and a half in length and contains 7 chapters or sections dealing with everything from fonts to backgrounds to adding images to a web site.  Our 11 and 12 year old boys followed the course with ease, and so did their Dad and I.  The web site says that a child as young as eight years old will be capable of following along, and I agree with that.  Of course, it also kept the attention of a 45 and a 42 year-old!


Currently you can get this DVD for $19.99 plus S&H from their website here.  You can also order by calling toll-free 1-866-932-9122.  And you can feel good about ordering from this company.  They are a company with character who gives a portion of their proceeds to one of five charities.  They have also begun the Click and Drag Foundation which focuses on providing DVDs and instruction to at-risk youth in urban neighborhoods.


I am amazed by what my boys are able to do after watching this DVD.  It has sparked their interest in writing HTML to the point where they are doing their own research and learning new code to put into the websites they are building.  Click and Drag plans to release a Web Design for Kids II sometime late this year.  On their website they said they have pushed the date back because they want to keep the DVD very high quality.  As DVD number 1 was ending, the boys were chanting "Buy Disc 2!  Buy Disc 2!"  Our only complaint is that the instructor did not tell us how to put the website we are designing onto the internet.  Right now, it's just there on our PC waiting for a host...or whatever it is we need.  So maybe we'll learn more about that on disc 2.  I can't wait for this adventure to continue!


I highly recommed the Web Design for Kids DVD.  I could not believe the skills my young men were learning.  (and just between you and me...I learned a lot too!)  The DVD is worth the purchase, and the company is worthy of your business.

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