Monday, September 21, 2009

Growing Healthy Homes Health and Nutrition Curriculum

When I got the opportunity to download the Nutrition 101 e-book from Growing Healthy Homes I was both excited and anxious at the same time.  I am always interested in improving my family's health.  I have done a lot in past years that has worsen our health.  As a matter of fact, the four of us are all over-weight.  I love to cook.  I also love to feed my family.  I get some emotional satisfaction from watching our boys eat heartily.  And my husband is always so complimentary when I cook a big wonderful meal.  I want to cook for our health, but I am also on a tight grocery budget.  I find it difficult to get everything we need AND buy it all organic and fresh.  As I started reading the Nutrition 101 - Choose Life book I was touched and inspired.


The instructions on-line lead me to read a few pages from the "Getting Started" section before continuing onto the lessons.  As I read that section I came across one of the testimonies of an author.  She explained how she had introduced her daughter to all of her favorite junk foods.  That's right where I am.  Our boys love junk and I'm the one that handed them that junk to eat the very first time and every time after that.  Reading these paragraphs encouraged me that we could start somewhere and learn about healthy eatting and maybe make some important changes in our lives!


The other idea I gleaned at first glance was that this was not a series of lessons to use during the day just with the boys.  This wasn't about checking off the "health" section on our homeschool log.  To even call Nutrition 101- Choose Life a curriculum is a vast understatement.  This is a life-changer.  This is a family-motivator.  We were not going to work through the lessons of this book as part of a homeschool morning.  We were going to complete Nutrition 101 - Choose Life as a family, around the supper table, together, all four of us.  My husband has always been hesitant to move to an organic lifestyle.  He sees the price difference between organic and not organic and says, "NOT!"  And so we continue in this un-healthy lifestyle.  Well, by working through these lessons about how good nutrition affects the various systems in our body, I know it will turn his heart and mind toward better health.  It will turn ALL our hearts and minds toward better health.


So we began at the beginning with lesson 1.  I read to my husband and the boys about the brain and the nervous system.  As I read my husband would interject with comments that sparked lots of discussion about the importance of protecting and feeding our brains.  Although the book suggests making the recipe at the end of the lesson, we made our recipe before the lesson and everyone snacked while I read.  I want to tell you about the recipe, but I don't want to spoil it for you.  Suffice it to say, it was yummy! 


The lessons in the book are well laid-out.  The book is in full-color, which appeals to me as a visual learner.  Although some of the additional recipes have ingredients that I'm sure I will need to visit a health-food store to make, I made the main recipe with all ingredients from our regular grocery store.  The book promises to correct our bad eatting habits, without breaking the bank, which will appeal to my husband AND myself.


I would recommend purchasing the printed book.  This is a lengthy book (448) pages, and you will want to have a printed text.  If you don't mind printing that many pages on your printer, then go for it!  Some of the reading may be a bit daunting if being read to a younger elementary-aged child.  But the authors recommend breaking up the lessons over the course of a week anyway, so there's no reason you couldn't break up the reading over the course of several days as well.  As with everything, no one is sitting behind you making sure you've used their curriculum EXACTLY as they've planned it.  Make it fit your family.


This curiculum can be used by all ages.  For the very young you will need to gude them and scale down some of the exercises.  But the curriculum stands on its own for those in the upper elementary grades and into high school.  Each lesson has lists of additional activities geared to all ages.  You can do one, none, or all of these supplemental activities for each lesson.


Nutrition 101 - Choose Life is available in an e-book format on CD for $79.95.  Having the CD is convenient because you can print each of your children their own copy of the recipes.  When they are helping you cook, they can follow along in their own recipe.  It would also make a great cook book to begin their own nutritional journey.  The book is 448 pages in lenght, so printing can be daunting.  If you would prefer to have the book in printed format, it is available for $99.95.  There would be value in having the printed book and the CD so that you did not have to print the entire document but could still print single pages as needed such as the recipes mentioned above.  Growing Healthy Homes offers a valuable package that includes the CD and the printed manual for $129.95.  If you are ready to purchase, go here to learn more about the pricing plans available.  


 You can find information about the company Growing Healthy Homes here.  A directory of all the products offered from Growing Healthy Homes is here.   And the Nutrition 101 - Choose Life information can be found here.  If you would like to contact Growing Healthy Homes about any of their products, followthis link for more information. 


If you would like to read others' opinions about Nutrition 101 - Choose Life, the TOS Crew website is full of other reviews.  Check them out at


If you, like me, need to take a better nutritional path, then try Nutrition 101 - Choose Life with me!  We are reminded in the very first lesson that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made."  Nutrition 101 celebrates that and endeavors to encourage us to feed our bodies in order to strengthen them for the Kingdom of God.  I'm excited about this path on which God is leading.  Want to walk with me?  Check out Nutrition 101 - Choose Life.

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