Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I was recently provided with a free membership to AVKOs site in exchange for this review.  If you are not familiar with the name of this non-profit organization (AVKO), then you may have heard of Sequential Spelling.  AVKO is the organization that produces the Sequential Spelling program. 


This common sense approach to spelling was revolutionary to me.  The idea is that if you introduce your student to one spelling sound, like "ice" then you continue by giving them as many words with that sound as possible, like lice, mice, advice.  It makes sense in my mind because if you can get your child to master one word, no matter how large or small, then why not bring out all the words that are similar to that mastered word.  It would make word-mastery so much more quick and efficient.  But I'm not a linguist or an English expert.


The thing I liked best about membership to the AVKO site was the free e-books provided as part of that membership.  I've downloaded them all but have yet to get through them.  You will see why when you read the list below with the total number of pages.  Many of these books are for sale elsewhere, so the membership price is a definite value for the ebook prices.  Here is the list of what I downloaded with page-length for each book:

The Patterns of English Spelling 1485 pgs

To Teach a Dyslexic 145 pgs

The Teaching of Reading:  A Continuum from Kindergarten through College 364 pgs

Teaching of Reading and Spelling Starting From Square One 316 pgs


As I was reading through some of the materials on the website and in the e-books, I found this quote and it spoke to me: 

Although there isn’t just one correct way of teaching reading and/or spelling, both teachers and students are helped by a systematic approach.  p.4 TPES

This, again,  reinforced in my mind the effectiveness of this method of teaching spelling to children.


The basic membership to AVKO's site is $25 per year.  Not only do you get the free e-books I listed above, but there are also tons of helps and articles available in the membership area.  In addition to these things, you will receive 25% off of all AVKO products purchased during the year of your membership.  And AVKO is a non-profit organization that focuses to better education for those with learning disabilities, especially dyslexia.  Read more about this organization here.  Membership information can be found here.


I enjoyed this membership.  It's always fun to get free e-books.  I'm not sure, however, if I would have joined on my own.  But if you are interested in the sequential spelling program, you may want to give an AVKO membership a try!


 As always, if you don't want to just take my word for it, check out the other reviews of my fellow crew members for this product here.

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