Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bible Charts and Maps

Our copy of the Amazing Bible World History Timeline arrived on a Saturday.  Our oldest, Big Mac, came running into the kitchen with a long triangular-shaped package.  We were all excited to open it up and take a look at it.  We took out the timeline and immediately put it on our kitchen table with a clear-plastic tablecloth over the top of it.


A few days after we received the timeline, my girlfriend stopped over to the house to drop off her son for a playdate.  When she saw the Bible Timeline on our kitchen table, she stopped and stooped over it saying, "What is this?  Oh how cool!"  That started me thinking that this would make a great gift for a family or friend!  It's a great tool for bible study, and what an encouragement to a growing Christian in your life.


Having The Amazing Bible Timeline on our kitchen table has been a wonderful experience.  It's great to say, "whay was going on at the same time Jesus walked the earth?"  Or "who was alive when Abraham had Isaac?  You can not only compare biblical characters to those found outside the bible, but you can see a chronological  comparison of lots of biblical characters.  I love having this timeline at the ready also because I can not only compare biblical characters but also other times in history.  As we are studying the Revolutionary War, we can look at that time period on the timeline and see other events around the world during the same time period. 


I like the timeline's circular structure.  I don't need a long wall to display this timeline.  I like that it is very colorful and, therefore,  it is also very eye-catching.  I love that the small-ish footprint fits on my table but spans such a long time-period, going from the beginning of the world, Creation, to 2000 AD.  The only criticism I can give you is that I may never get to put a pretty tablecloth on my kitchen table again!  No one wants to cover up the timeline!

The Amazing Bible World History Timeline is available for $29.97 on the company's website .  When you buy the timeline, you also get a digital version of the timeline as well as a downloadable Interactive Maps of the Holyland.   


For additional information about Amazing Bible World History Timeline from Bible Charts and Maps, you can cruise through their website  or they can be contacted by telephone:  877-966-7300 or email .  Or, if you don't want to take my word for it, check out the other reviews at the crew website here.

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