Sunday, October 25, 2009

Evaluating a Subscriber Site: ABC Teach

I'm sad.  I was able to access the subscriber information on ABC Teach for one-month for free so that I could write this review.  My month is over.  I'm sad.


I had a one-month trial with ABCTeach  a few years ago when our guys were smaller.  I remember finding lots of coloring pages and mini-books to use with our studies.  When I learned that we were going to be able to spend some time in ABCTeach this year for the Homeschool Crew I was interested to see if this site would still be useful as we entered our middle-school junior high years.  The quick answer?  It was.


I wish I didn't have to school the children, work my job, write any other reviews, or cook for this family for the past month so that I could have spent all that time on ABCTeach.  I think I could have found a multitude of lessons, supplements, and graphic organizers to use in future studies if I had all that time for review.  With the bit of time that I did have to find things on ABCTeach, I found a great pumpkin seed experiment that we're going to use the Friday before Halloween for a fun-lesson.  I found a LOT of information on Fallacies.  We've begun to be interested in the aspect of critical thinking after reading the Bluedorn's e-zine.  I got alot of great information off the ABCTeach site to continue our study.  I also found several pages that we will use to make an "All About Me" book for their homeschool prortfolios.  The reason these pages were great is that it wasn't too young for our guys.  And in future years these pages will give me a great glimpse back to who the boys were in 2009/2010.


There were lots of classrom-type printables and tools, but most of them would easily translate to a homeschool.  I don't think many homeschools would use the nametag tool, unless you have a real problem remembering your children's names.  But other than that, how cool would it be to use the crossword puzzle generator to make a crossword puzzle from words you just read in your literature reading?  And there are lots more tools like the one I just mentioned.  The mind reels when you think of the many activities you can dream up just to reinforce your child's spelling words for a week! 


And there are worksheets and activity pages on just about every subject you can imagine.  Since I am a make-it-up-myself kind of gal.  I enjoy having a plethora of activities at my disposal to go with a book we're reading or a timeperiod we're studying. 


All-in-all I think someone who is not a curriculum-for-every-subject schooler could get a lot of use out of ABCTeach.  They have items on their site for all-ages, although maybe not Senior High School.  I didn't really look for anything at that level.  I know that pre-school to Junior High are definitely covered on this site.


Check out ABCTeach .  They do have a lot of free worksheets available on their non-member area, but ultimately, I find that the things I really want are available on the membership site.  And if you don't want to take my word for it, look at reviews from other crew members here.


There are various pricing structures available.  You can check them out here.  ABCTeach has lots of options for group-pricing.  So you may want to get a group together from your support-group or co-op and join to get the best price.  If you want to join individually for $40, go tothis page

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  1. . . . so much so, that I decided to pay for a full year. You know you can get a discount for being on the Crew.