Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Picture Books Aren't JUST for Children!

Several weeks ago I received a few e-books from Guardian Angel Publishing to review on my blog.  Now, our boys are firmly entrenched in Junior High/Middle School.  If we were in public school they would be in 7th and 6th grades.  We're WAY beyond picture books right?  Well, I'm not reading the boardbooks we all loved when they were little, but I'm finding that the right picture books can still teach the boys many things.  The five books I received from Guardian Angel Publishing are no exception.  With these, we have much to learn.


Guardian Angel Publishing offers so much material, I just cannot detail it all for you here.  Go to their web page:  www.guardianangelpublishing.com and scrolll down on the main page.  You will see a list of all their books in alphabetical order.  You can easily find the five books I'm going to tell you about on that list.  The website lists that their books are meant for children of all ages, 0-12, but I can tell you that you can get use out of these books even for your Junior High aged student.  Our Big Mac will be 13 in November and I find the five books I received to be useful for him right now.


Guardian Angel's books cover a wide-range of subjects.  This is also evidenced in the books I received.  I received three books that I can fit into a science study, one character-study book, and one that will help us reinforce grammar!  And you do not have to receive all your books in e-book format.  If you would like to have your books in a printed format, Guardian Angel Publishing offers that option to you.  You can get your book in e-book format for $5-12, printed for $10.95, e-book on CD for $6.95-$9.95, and some books are on DVD for $6.95-$9.95!  There is, of course, shipping and handling charges for all of the non-downloadable options.


The first book I received was The Sum of Our Parts, No Bones About It... by Bill Kirk.  This book can be downloaded for $5, but is also available for $9.95 +5.95 S&H as an e-book on CD, or $10.95+6.95 S&H as a printed book.  This is a really neat book about bones.  There is a rhyming text throughout the book, but there are also "factoids" on each page giving a ton of information.  It would take you quite a bit of time to teach all the information contained in this 30-page book.  One of the things I loved about it was that all of the correct names for the bones are listed in this book.  It would be a great tool to teach your junior high-er the anatomically correct names of the bones in the human skeletal system.  The graphics are great and very appealing to our two boys.



Book number two pictured above is Maybe We Are Flamingos by Safari Sue Thurman.  Downloadable for $5, this book is also available for $9.95 +5.95 S&H as an e-book on CD, or $10.95+6.95 S&H as a printed book AND you can get a DVD for $9.95 +$5.95 S&H.  This book teaches your students about flamingos, but there's also a great idea for an art project, and a wonderful character lesson in the end.





Next we received Hamster Holidays.  You're not going to believe this, but it's a grammar book!  This book highlights nouns and adjectives throughout the books; provides you with great definitions of these two parts of speech;  AND there are several activities for your students to complete at the end of the book.  All this runs along a fun story about hamsters who celebrate some very different holidays throughout the year.  For those students who are still challenged by the calendar and months of the year, this book can reinforce learning those as well.  This book can be downloaded for $5, but is also available for $9.95 +5.95 S&H as an e-book on CD, or $10.95+6.95 S&H as a printed book.


 Earthquake!  is another science book, but it also covers safety.  In PA we have to teach safety each year.  This book talks about being prepared in the context of an earthquake, but the preparation tips can be used for any emergency situation and are great for all students to learn.  Again, the graphics are great.  I would suggest that this book be used with older elementary students.  But being able to read and look at graphics that represent the reading on each page really reinforce what's being learned.  If you completed the different ideas and tips for safety at the end of the book, your family will be prepared for anything.  This book can be downloaded for $5, but is also available for $9.95 +5.95 S&H as an e-book on CD, or $11.95+6.95 S&H as a printed book.










 Finally I have to tell you about Stubby.  Stubby's Destiny is an endearing story about a little donkey who wants to be a stallion.  I'm not going to give away the ending.  Just read Stubby and then pray with your children about their "divine destiny."  This book can be downloaded for $5, but is also available for $9.95 +5.95 S&H as an e-book on CD, or $10.95+6.95 S&H as a printed book.  The DVD is on it's way!  It is coming soon for $9.95 +5.95 S&H.

I really think that picture books can be a great little extra to your homeschool studies, but they also can just be a special time with your children.  Contact Guardian Angel Publishing for more information.  Maybe they can direct you to a great book to start your journey.  (sales_staff@guardianangelpublishing.com or customer_service@guardianangelpublishing.com)


If you would like to see what the other crew members are saying about Guardian Angel Publishing, head over here:  http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/HomeschoolCrew/718692/  I am one of over 100 reviewers, so this is a great resource for you!  Check out these reviews and use them to plan your book and curriculum purchases.  And check out Guardian Angel Publishing.  I'm sure you will find something that can be used in your home.

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